cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (WHAT'SSSSS THAT OVER THERE)
Cobra Commander ([personal profile] cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) wrote2012-04-18 11:16 am

42.5 | Audio | Dated to exactly 24 hours after his last announcement

It has been twenty four hours, and I am not one million dollars richer. Nor I am the owner of the HM Fly. And I’m definitely not the owner of a city! So you leave me no choice!

[There’s a click as he pushes the button, but no giant explosion. Inside the Game Corner, a lone bomb goes off taking out a slot machine and doing light damage to the wall and things around it, but that’s it.]

What? Where is my explosion? Did they actually- Impossible! This is unacceptable!

[The sound of the remote hitting the wall and cracking can be heard.]

Make no mistake about thisssss Johto! There will be consequences for thissss! Dire consequences!

[The feed cuts out here.]

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