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55 | Private Video on Rocket Frequency

After several months of research, I have revised my list of targets. However, before I get into that, I would first like to pose a question to our sssscience team. How long is thissss-

[The Commander lifts up the side of his hood. Anyone expecting to see his face is probably going to be disappointed since all that’s exposed is a small portion of his cheek. This happens to be covered in black and purple splotches. He lets the camera linger on it for a moment before pulling his mask back down.]

Going to last? My powers disappeared a while ago, and these are still here! When are they going to go away? I want an answer! And before I get to thisss list, those of you already handling our various enemies need to report in with your progress! Or I may be forced to consider reassigning your targets to other members! Now then, here is the new list!

[The Pokegear is grabbed and turned towards a piece of paper lying on Cobra’s desk. It reads as follows:

High Priority Targets:
-Lightning Farron – Intelligence indicates that she is a high ranking member of our opposition. A previous strike succeeded, but proceed with extreme caution. Target is easily identified by her unique hair coloration.
-Whoever Stole My Chair – Once again, find this person so I can personally deal with them. They primarily communicate through text, mostly broadcast historical trivia, and would have been around Olivine City during the week of June 16th.

Medium Priority Targets:
-Athrun Zala – Vermillion City marks the second time this brat has interfered with my schemes, and those Gym attacks were encouraged by our superiors! I was able to hospitalize him for a short while, but he will no doubt try to thwart us again.
-Shinn Asuka – In addition to ruining my plans months ago, recent events in Vermillion City give me every reason to believe he’s working together with Mr. Zala. I would recommend approaching both with caution and determining whether they are working with anyone else before taking action.
-Xion – Of the three who interfered in my Saffron attack, this is the only one I currently have the name of. Physical description is a young girl with short black hair and blue eyes. Owns many powerful Pokémon including a Hydreigon. I doubt she’s affiliated with any group, but this is an enemy you should be aware of.

Low Priority Targets:
-Jade – This person recently returned to Johto and claims to remember nothing about his time here. Do not trust this person under any circumstances! When he was here before he was a known liar and even managed to trick me.

Additional Information Required:
-Rinoa Heartily- This person had the audacity to argue with me shortly after I woke up from my week long coma a few months ago. More importantly, they implied that they might have allies willing to work against Team Rocket. It would be worthwhile to find out whether this is true or not.
-Silver Haired Boy – Also interfered in the Saffron attack. Owns several powerful Pokémon, and uses some sort of wooden key shaped thing as a weapon. I’d recommend approaching with extreme caution, but more information is needed on this subject.
-Third Interfering Person – The last of the three who interfered in my Saffron attack. This one was a woman with several uncommon Pokémon. There can’t be too many people out there wearing glasses who have a Blaziken and a Camerupt, can there? I would suggest gathering additional intel on her as well.

Study thisss list, gather information, and learn what we’re up against! Remember, knowing is half the battle! And the other half is crushing anyone who dares oppose us!

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