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64 | Video | Backdated to November 27th!

[The video today is somewhat different from Cobra’s normal videos. For one, it’s outside. Two, he hasn’t really gone to any lengths to hide his location. Lavender Town’s music can clearly be heard in the background. Three, he has the camera pointed to the sky.]


[He’ll just leave it on as the sun sets and the moon rises, displaying…the same moon there always is. At this point, the video begins to resemble a usual Cobra broadcast since he’s not very happy about whatever it is he was trying to show.]

What? Imposssible! I distinctly remember-

[A bunch of scattered things, but he’s pretty sure the moon was involved somehow.]

Why is there nothing there? Thisss can't be!

[And Cobra shuts off the Gear there since whatever he wanted to show people isn’t there. Apparently he wasted several minutes of the viewer's time for nothing.]

{OOC: So since we’re allowed to remember things from this 4th Wall, Cobra Commander remembers flying towards the moon with the intent of doing something. What exactly that was and whether he succeeded or not is unfortunately something he doesn’t really recall. He’s going to assume he succeed though because he can’t see how he could fail at anything!}
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[The Zangoose hissing angrily at Cobra over the feed has a twig in its mouth. Did Cobra notice that detail when they encountered each other before? And does he recognize the ID number of the caller from their previous conversations? Because that's who that gun-throwing Zangoose ended up with.]
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Zaaan! Zangoose! Goozaaaaan!

[Aren't there plenty of things that make him think of his forces failing?]
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Zan! Angazan! Gosan!

[This conversation isn't going anywhere at all, is it? Unless Cobra magically learned pokéspeak over the weekend or something.]
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[That would be the intelligent thing to do, but as we've established...]


[Shakycam~! It's entering and running through the Mahogany PokéCenter, if Cobra can recognize anything through the wildly swinging view. Finally it ends up focused on Apollo in scrubs, whose face goes from slightly confused about why Zangoose had the gear and was talking to a "hated enemy snake"(?) to annoyed at it being Cobra.]

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She's not a "thing", she's a Zangoose.
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[...yep that sure is the moon that we are looking at]

Forgive me for asking, Commander, but is there supposed to be something unusual there tonight, or...?
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...a result of this past weekend, I'm assuming.
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You aren't the only one inflicted with unclear memories of exactly what happened - although I have to question why. I'm rather aware of the three-day gaps that this place causes, it's happened twice before this last; however, I usually don't remember any of it except in dreams. This past time was different, for no discernible reason.

It's not striking me right.
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I can't say for certain; I do have my theories, however.


Have you any thoughts regarding what brings us here to Johto in the first place? This is entirely relevant, I promise.
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[...oh my god wait what]

You have experience with similar things back in your world? There legitimately is technology capable of it?
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And do you have any experience with what happens when such things break down? Mechanical creations aren't infallible, certainly; have you ever seen one malfunction?
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It would make the most sense, wouldn't you think?

Assume, for a moment, that we are brought here by some sort of device. This device controls not only our passage to and from this world, but the stripping of any particularly uncanny or metaphysical powers we may have, as well as giving those who were formerly not human some sort of human form.

What do you think would happen, should this device malfunction and none of that was suppressed anymore? People have received random items from their world; I've gotten usage of my alchemy, as have several others from my world that I know. Those that aren't human here are no longer forced into a human form, but return to what they were while the device is not in service. I don't have proof that this happens, of course, but I've had enough strange dreams to suspect that is what goes on during those blank periods in our memories. Of course, such a device would be incredibly complex, and I imagine it would be difficult to repair if it should break somehow.

Perhaps difficult to the point that it would require three days?
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I have reason to believe that this "Elite Four" that we've heard tell about may have something to do with it, if such a group exists at all; after all, the persistent rumor for a while was that if we prove ourselves to this world, we would be returned home. It makes sense that the most powerful trainers in the region may have access to the gateway between worlds.

It also would make sense that they might have access to technology greater than what we have access to at this point; if not that, then perhaps these "Legendary" creatures could have something to do with it.

It's something I've been considering for a while, but it's by no means a perfect theory; it's simply what I've pieced together so far.
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Re: [video]

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is he completely unsurprised

by this turn of events]

That's what I intend to do, yes.
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I don't know, do we?

[And by we, he means Cobra, given that Cobra has been here far longer than he has -

...ladies and gentlemen, criminal masterminds.]
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[Cobra, you are so fortunate that Kimblee is so easily pushed around by his superior officers; he generally doesn't tolerate rudeness otherwise, but...]

Had I any information to volunteer, I can assure you that I would be doing so; however, I have nothing to report at this time.
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[...such an exercise in patience, Cobra.]

Unfortunately, it seems as though they've been keeping themselves extremely well-hidden; I don't know of anyone who's managed to ascertain their identities, much less make contact with them. I've used most of my resources already; however, I won't allow failure of this sort to stand, and I'll do what I can to rectify it.
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[With all due respect, sir, you are six.]

Not necessarily. It's possible the gym leaders know something, after all...
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[Oh, don't even suggest such a thing, you'll jinx it - !]

Well, there's hardly any sense in getting worked up over it...
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[...he's...he's noticed, yes...

he's kind of hoping there will be improvement someday sob hope springs eternal okay]

I don't know enough about the Kanto leaders to say much on their behalf, but if I had to guess Johto-wise, I would assume Clair and Pryce would be the most likely. Clair due to her family apparently having some sort of status in this world, and Pryce simply due to age - he's logically had the most experience with this world, and as such he would likely remember things happening that the younger set wouldn't.
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[Oh, boy! Work!


Yes, Commander, it does.

I'll let you know if anything is discovered.
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Do let me know if you hear anything.