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77 Video/Audio

[The video coming from Cobra's Gear today looks like several of his prior videos. He's seated at a desk, looking right at the camera. The eyes under the hood might look a little strange, almost like a Shuppet's, but other than that, same old Cobra Commander as always.

On the desk is the odd Halloween treat bag, and it's possible Cobra's going to talk about it, or maybe about the ghost swarms, or maybe about any of the weird stuff going on the for the last few weeks, but...he doesn't. He just stares at the camera, not saying a word. After staring long enough that it might seem entirely possible Cobra messed up and this is a photograph not a recording, something really strange happens.

Cobra's head, hood and all floats off his shoulders and flutters around the screen before zooming off camera. And soon after, the feed ends. Halloween may be over, but Cobra's Shuppet really couldn't resist playing a trick on everyone.]

[Audio, about 30 minutes later]

[And that everyone apparently includes Cobra judging from the amount of yelling going out over the Gear now.]

Who did thissssssss? Who dared to break into my house, stuff my uniform with paper, and sssssteal my hood? I demand to know who was responsible for thissss! And how you got past my defenses! That should be impossible! I sssswear I will find you, and when I do I'll make you regret ever pulling thissss stupid prank!
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(Sayaka's voice will clearly be heard, though she'll be doing her best not to laugh.)

...Seriously?! They got past your defenses? Security must be TERRIBLE if something like that happened!
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So...basically, anyone can break into it.

(She wouldn't be surprised if he'd been one of the ones pulled into that weird dream she herself had.)
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(Yeah, she's giggling over the 'Comms now.)

Yeah, key word: was designed. Guess now you'll have to redesign it, make it even more foolproof!
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...Seriously? No plans to, you know, make it better than before?

(What if it was a Pokemon? One of the cute ones?)
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What happens if the intruder has a Pokemon? Gonna put a battle over the Network for everyone to see?
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(Something tells Sayaka it's not something she wants anyone else to see, especially not Madoka.)

Kinda surprised you didn't have cameras filming what went on before so you'd know who to look for.
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(Apparently he's not tech savvy enough to 'do it himself.' Understandable, since Sayaka was pulled from home -and her schooling, in a sense- before finishing so she's not that tech savvy either.)

No wonder they were able to get past your security system, especially if it's that low tech.
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(Couldn't have been set up that perfectly, not if it was broken into and he was literally robbed blind -or robbed under his nose, whichever came first.)

Maybe just one camera set up at the front door? If you don't know how to set it up, there's a new invention: the instruction manual.

(She really is trying to help, just not when it comes to 'destroying' people.)
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(Awww...! So close, and then he had to take it out of context.

Wait, he understood it was a crack?!)

...It's just one camera! Not an entire security system set up to see everything!
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The point just don't like video cameras?