57 | Audio

Sep. 6th, 2012 02:22 pm
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (I BELIEVE THISSS CALLS FOR A SSSSPEECH)
[When the recording starts, it doesn’t seem like Cobra Commander’s ready to start his address since he’s talking to himself.]

What an idiot. Of course, he’s impressed by my Bug-Types. The forces of Cobra are always impresssssive!

[Oh, right, he was recording an audio message. He should probably start addressing the Gear now.]

This is Cobra Commander ssspeaking.

[Because who else would be hissing and talking about cobras?]

I’ve recently collected the badge from this place, and even though thissss was no difficult accomplishment, I’ve decided to celebrate my victory! How, you may ask? By attacking somewhere, of course! But not just anywhere! No, I’ve decided to treat myself! And I’m going to do that by ruining the place I hate the most! I hope you all enjoy failing at figuring out where that is!

[And the feed cuts off right there. No hysterics, cackling, or anything like that this time around. He wants to give out as little information as possible.]

{OOC: Badge is of course mod approved, and there’s more information about Cobra’s plan in this post}

25 | Video

Jun. 16th, 2011 01:36 pm
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (Telling you about my ridiculousss scheme)
This is ridiculousssssss!

[The Commander is holding the camera right in front of his mask, obscuring his location.]

People are dropping left and right because of a Pokémon? Are you people that incompetent? Because of thissssss?

[He turns the camera around, to show a Shedinja just hovering in front of the trees of Route 35, before turning it back to himself.]

If this thing is capable of causing this much damage, then I absolutely have to add it to my Pokémon team! Watch and learn Johto! Go…huh?

[Off camera, the Shedinja turned the second Cobra Commander went for a Pokeball. The camera wobbles a bit before both the Gear and the Commander hit the ground. ]

{OOC: Any replies will be handled by his Skarmory, which got out of its ball when Cobra fell.}

23 | Video

Apr. 10th, 2011 01:45 pm
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (I FELL DOWN HELP ME UP IDIOTSSSSS)
[The Commander has the gear standing on a table for the moment, and seems very unhappy.]

Skull Buster, pick up the camera. I want this battle broadcast to everyone! Everyone!

[The camera shakes a bit as Machop picks it up and continues filming.]

I will NOT allow Johto to be destroyed by bugs before I have the chance to conquer it! In fact, I will personally remove each and every bug from this area! Sssso watch and learn how a true leader deals with things like thisssss! COBRAAAAAAAAAAA! ATTACK!

[The view shows him run out the door, with the camera view following close behind, only to immediately get hit with a Pineco. The initial hit knocks him down. Pineco follows that up by glowing white and then BOOM! The Commander goes flying towards the camera and the screen goes black when he crashes into it.]

{OOC: Cobra Commander will be responding after Machop drags him inside, and he regains consciousness.}


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