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[The only background noise is the music in Diglett’s Cave. Cobra Commander’s missing out on all the fun looting and pillaging, so at the very least, he feels that it’s his duty to continue antagonizing the good people of Johto.]

Despite your constant refusals, I have finally received the HM for Fly. I know by now you’re all busy with the recent monster attack, but just keep thisss in mind: I can now be anywhere in Johto at any time! Meaning nowhere is safe from attack! Nowhere!

[Those expecting cackling may be disappointed since the feed cuts out right there. It resumes a little while later, but on the Rocket frequency.]

[Private Video for Rockets]
[There isn’t much to see on the video. The signal scrambler’s in the background, so is Trubbish, who much to the Commander’s dismay is goofing off with some Digletts. That’s really about it.]

As you can see, the device is working perfectly on thissss end. No problems yet.

[He’s still grumbling though. The location could be better. Somewhere that didn’t remind him of his first few months as a Grunt would be nice.]

And Gorthan, I really must congratulate you. Bringing the trash to life and having it menace the towns is most impressssive! Though I am curious, I saw sssome Trubbish through the Gear, and they’re coloring is different. Do you know why?

[Yes, he knows the Rockets are busy, but he doesn’t really care.]

Also, Archer, the creatures hatched. I definitely ssssee several uses for them in the future!

And lastly, as I said I received Fly, but apparently another Badge is required to actually use it. Do any of you know which one? I’d ask everyone, but we all know they’d probably lie, and I do not tolerate being lied to!

{OOC: Fly obtained via Saffron Gym. Badge is mod approved.}

36 | Video

Feb. 21st, 2012 02:04 pm
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[Much like his last video, Cobra’s camera is focused on the mysterious egg he got for Valentine’s Day. The egg seems to be close to hatching since several cracks are visible in the shell and the sounds of something moving inside can be heard.]

Are you all watching thisssss? Pay attention! I want everyone ssssee what comes out of this! That way everyone can get a good long look at the newest member of Cobra!

[After some more cracking, the egg hatches and reveals…

After staring at it for a few moments, Cobra Commander decides that this thing isn't a Pokemon at all. No, it's clearly a busted trash bag someone drew eyes on and shoved inside a Pokemon egg. What other conclusion could there be?]

What is thissss? Is thisss some sort of joke? Who puts garbage in an egg? What idiot is responsible for this? Ugh, it ssssmells horrible! Horrible! When I find out who did this I'm going to..I'm going to...they'll regret doing thissss that's for sure!

[Following his rant, the Commander ends the broadcast.]

24 | Video

May. 2nd, 2011 12:44 pm
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[Once the video starts, the entire screen is filled with Dunsparce's face.

It’s hard to tell how the Dunsparce feels about having a camera shoved in its face so soon after hatching since it has the same expression most Dunsparce have. Apparently deciding Johto has seen enough of his new Pokémon, the confused Commander turns the camera away from Dunsparce so that he can be seen. ]

Thissss…this thing hatched from the egg I was given. The Pokedex states that it is a Land Snake Pokémon. But it has wings! And looks like a bug! Sssso what is it? Snakes don’t look like thissssss! Tell me what you know about this Pokémon! Now!

[He grumbles shifting the view back to Dunsparce, which is trying to dig into the ground.]

It also states that it tends to flee when spotted. It ssssounds useless! Why was I given such a useless creature?
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (Telling you about my ridiculousss scheme)
[The audio is filled with cracking noises.]

It finally decided to hatch! About time! I’ve turned this thing on to record…whatever this thing is!

[More cracking followed by a hiss, but not from the Commander.]


[There’s some static as the Pokegear is moved and the video is switched on, displaying Cobra Commander’s new Seviper.]

Look at that! Another snake Pokémon? I think I'll keep this present, instead of throwing it in the trash like the others!


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