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Dec. 1st, 2014 02:21 pm
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (CURSES! FOILED AGAIN!)
No! No! No! No! No!

[...that sure is Cobra Commander throwing a fit in what appears to be Azalea Town. Apparently he's not happy everything's back to normal now.]

I don't care if thissss happens all the time, this is unacceptable! Completely unacceptable! I want my command center back and I want it back now! I dissstinctly remember having one!

[ He remembers a building and pushing buttons. Something may have been launched. That's about it. He doesn't even remember where it was, which leads to his next demand.]

And directions to where it is! Because it certainly wasn't in thissss miserable place!

[Yup, for the record, he still hates Azalea Town. In fact...]

If anything, ssssomeone should raze thisss stupid town to the ground and replace it with something useful!

[He's not going to do that today though. No, instead he's probably going to fly out of here right away and go somewhere that doesn't inspire him to cause new acts of stupidity.]

35 | Video

Feb. 14th, 2012 04:42 pm
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (HAHAHAHAHA)
[The camera’s focusing on a half-eaten box of chocolates and a mysterious Pokemon egg, but something’s pretty off with the Commander’s voice. He’s still yelling, but he doesn’t sound as angry as he usually does. In fact he sounds happy. Very happy. As if having his security breached for the umpteenth time is just the most wonderful thing ever.]

Who put thissss here? I want a name! And where did this egg come from? Why does this keep happening?

[And then he starts laughing. It stops after a few minutes. Sort of. He’s still giggling while he talks.]

And why can I sssstop acting like this? Have I been drugged? What’s going on? Someone-

[And back to uncontrollable laughter again.]

Ssssomeone explain this right now!

24 | Video

May. 2nd, 2011 12:44 pm
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (Sssssssssssstupid Pokemon)
[Once the video starts, the entire screen is filled with Dunsparce's face.

It’s hard to tell how the Dunsparce feels about having a camera shoved in its face so soon after hatching since it has the same expression most Dunsparce have. Apparently deciding Johto has seen enough of his new Pokémon, the confused Commander turns the camera away from Dunsparce so that he can be seen. ]

Thissss…this thing hatched from the egg I was given. The Pokedex states that it is a Land Snake Pokémon. But it has wings! And looks like a bug! Sssso what is it? Snakes don’t look like thissssss! Tell me what you know about this Pokémon! Now!

[He grumbles shifting the view back to Dunsparce, which is trying to dig into the ground.]

It also states that it tends to flee when spotted. It ssssounds useless! Why was I given such a useless creature?
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (IDIOTS! I HAVE IDIOTS ON MY PAYROLL)
There are so many products at the Department Store for Pokémon. Which ones do you use? And why? Which ones improve the ability to battle? Which Technical Machines would allow a Machop to strike a ghost Pokémon? If you can answer any of these, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Action for Department Store )
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (RETREAT RETREAAAAAAAAAAAT)
[He sounds more nervous than angry.]

Would someone pleas explain what is going on? One minute I'm minding my own business and then I'm in Goldenrod! Furthermore-

[Multiple cries of Ditto can be heard.]

What is this? Go away you horrible things! Go Zubat! Take care of them!

[Instead of a Zubat, there's another Ditto cry.]

My Pokemon! What happened to my Pokemon? No get away from me!

[The audio cuts out as Cobra Commander is swarmed by Dittos.]

{OOC: Went ahead and got this posted tonight because I'll probably be swamped tomorrow. Responses will probably be slow tomorrow, but I'll do my best to try and keep up.}

11 | Audio

Nov. 4th, 2010 07:18 pm
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (Fist sssshake)
What is this? Someone explain this right now!

[There is some feedback noise since Cobra Commander is screaming at the Pokegear from extremely close range.]

I was...training my Pokemon, yes that's it, and then I awoke here! In the Pokemon Center! And no I didn't lose! So someone explain what's going on!

And how do I fix this stupid machine? The clock is wrong! Tell me now!
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (THISSSSSS IS YOUR FAULT)
[There's a lovely view of Cianwood City aside from the rain and horrible wind, and a very angry voice from behind the camera.]

What is the meaning of this? Where am I? What's going on? This had better not be a trap! If any of you are responsible, you will pay!

Private to Team Rocket )


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