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[As much as Cobra would like to rant and rave about how annoying the earthquakes today are, he really has much more important things to accomplish today, so instead, he won't bother with the public video today.]

Private to Team Rocket Frequency )
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[The audio is filled with cracking noises.]

It finally decided to hatch! About time! I’ve turned this thing on to record…whatever this thing is!

[More cracking followed by a hiss, but not from the Commander.]


[There’s some static as the Pokegear is moved and the video is switched on, displaying Cobra Commander’s new Seviper.]

Look at that! Another snake Pokémon? I think I'll keep this present, instead of throwing it in the trash like the others!

17 | Video

Dec. 23rd, 2010 01:40 pm
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[Anyone watching the video will see a close up of a Snover. Said Snover looks completely oblivious to the fact that it’s being videotaped. Cobra Commander’s voice comes from behind the camera and sounds rather enthusiastic.]

Do you see that? It was recently brought to my attention that my Pokemon were susceptible to Psychic types! Well that weakness has been dealt with! This creature has no such weakness! In fact, it’s even capable of freezing other Pokemon! Isn’t that wonderful?

Private to Members of Team Rocket )

Before I forget, I found that stupid girl’s Pokemon. I can't stand it, but it won't stop following me! I figure with the proper training, I'll make Pancake fit in with the rest of my loyal Pokemon! So I’m keeping it! And that’s not up for debate!

{OOC: Since Grace offered, Cobra Commander will be taking care of Melfina's Ditto, Pancake, for the foreseeable future.}

13 | Video

Nov. 26th, 2010 05:19 pm
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[The video feed shows the inside of a bag. The camera is getting bounced around a fair bit, and the regular Pokemon battle music can be heard over the sounds of battling and an angry trainer.]

Good! Ekans use Poison Sting! No! Dodge that! I told you to dodge! Use Bite! Stop failing me! Use Glare! There!

[The gear gets bumped around again and the sounds of a successful capture can be heard.]

Now to report this to those fools.

[The camera view changes as the gear is lifted out and turned towards Cobra Commander, showing him standing in a cave.]

What? This is already broadcasting! How long has this been on for?

02 | Audio

Jun. 1st, 2010 08:23 pm
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[As the recording begins, the sounds of a Pokemon battle can be heard.]

Yes, no, dodge that! Don't let him suck the life out of you! Attack him! There!

[The sound of a successful capture can be heard.]

Yes! Zubat is mine!

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