cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (NO ONE ARRESTS COBRA COMMANDER)
Cobra Commander ([personal profile] cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) wrote2012-03-23 07:02 pm

39 | Text + Private Audio

And you people say I’m all talk. You should all be ashamed! For all the talk of capturing me, hunting me down, making me pay, and so on, I’m still free. Not only that, but I’ve already made it back to Goldenrod. So much for tracking me. And since it seems that none of my demands were met, I’ve begun planning my next attack! And there’s nothing you can do about it!

[Private Audio for Rockets]
Everyone should know my name by now, but if you’re new or for ssssome unacceptable reason have no idea who I am, I am Cobra Commander! And I have a ssssimple request for all of you. If you’re listening to this, please respond with your name, location, and any sort of special skills you possess. Nothing stupid either! I don’t want to hear about your cooking skills! Or how good you are at knitting! Or any of that other nonsssense! Important skills! Things like weapons experience, interrogation techniques, infiltration skills, that ssssort of thing! I want to know exactly what kind of people are in this organization, and I expect responses!

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