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[The only background noise is the music in Diglett’s Cave. Cobra Commander’s missing out on all the fun looting and pillaging, so at the very least, he feels that it’s his duty to continue antagonizing the good people of Johto.]

Despite your constant refusals, I have finally received the HM for Fly. I know by now you’re all busy with the recent monster attack, but just keep thisss in mind: I can now be anywhere in Johto at any time! Meaning nowhere is safe from attack! Nowhere!

[Those expecting cackling may be disappointed since the feed cuts out right there. It resumes a little while later, but on the Rocket frequency.]

[Private Video for Rockets]
[There isn’t much to see on the video. The signal scrambler’s in the background, so is Trubbish, who much to the Commander’s dismay is goofing off with some Digletts. That’s really about it.]

As you can see, the device is working perfectly on thissss end. No problems yet.

[He’s still grumbling though. The location could be better. Somewhere that didn’t remind him of his first few months as a Grunt would be nice.]

And Gorthan, I really must congratulate you. Bringing the trash to life and having it menace the towns is most impressssive! Though I am curious, I saw sssome Trubbish through the Gear, and they’re coloring is different. Do you know why?

[Yes, he knows the Rockets are busy, but he doesn’t really care.]

Also, Archer, the creatures hatched. I definitely ssssee several uses for them in the future!

And lastly, as I said I received Fly, but apparently another Badge is required to actually use it. Do any of you know which one? I’d ask everyone, but we all know they’d probably lie, and I do not tolerate being lied to!

{OOC: Fly obtained via Saffron Gym. Badge is mod approved.}
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[ He's taking a break. From both the looting and the smells. Currently sitting in an empty hotel room somewhere in Saffron. Might as well reply to this and make some friends, or something. ]

I believe the gym in Violet City would work for using Fly.

[ Also the one in Celadon, which you're probably currently closer to. But sorry, Hughes doesn't know that yet. ]

It's one of the first Gyms those starting out encounter, so someone of your skills should defeat the leader easily.
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[ Don't hate him if you ever find out that Celadon has the same rewards... ]

Ah, actually, I believe there is a Gym in Johto that hands out the HM as well.

[ Thinking, thinking... ]

The one in Cianwood City? Perhaps you could hitch a ride back with someone else who can already use it!

[ Whatever, details. ]

Things are going a-okay on this end! Perfectly to plan.
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[ Yes, well... yes... good thing you don't know about any of that!

And he'll just let you rant it out and move on to the next topic. ]

I believe I spotted one person almost drowning in a group of Grimers~! [ He's sounding pretty delighted at the idea. Nevermind the fact that a mysterious Pokemon that happened to have been his helped that poor person out of the situation and then magically disappeared... ]

Are there no trash attacks where you are?

[ Diglett’s Cave, right? Where the fuck was that again...? ... And what were you sent there for? ]

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[Archer smirks at that - excellent. Of course the Pokémon are useful. He wouldn't be selling the eggs to Team Rocket if they weren't!]

I'm glad to see that. The Seviper has hatched as well; she certainly looks promising.

[He bred your snake with a fox, by the way. Sorry!]

[Archer is hanging out in the Burned Tower - you might see an occasional Koffing float past, but otherwise there's nothing interesting to note.]

You'll need the Gym Badge from Violet City. The Gym Leader there is Falkner - he uses Flying-types and they're sorely under-leveled. You shouldn't have any issues with him.

[Shame you can't actually use Fly yet! Archer has the opposite problem; he can use Fly, but he doesn't have the HM. Good thing one of his recent Pokémon hatched knowing the move~]
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[Oh no, it's a crime against nature where he's from too! But we're here now, Cobra~]

Yes, she did. She knows Dark Pulse, Return, Rest, Captivate, and Payback. It's a shame she didn't learn any Fire-type moves, but I suppose that would be asking for a bit much.

[Oh well~]

It is unfortunate. However, the battle shouldn't take long and you should be able to get in and out of there with no issues. After that you'll be able to Fly wherever you want.
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From what I've seen, no, it can't unfortunately. I bred your snake with Kimblee's Ninetails; if it was capable of learning any Fire-type moves, it would have picked up one from Dorian.

[A fire-breathing snake would be amazing though...]

Teleport works just as well. It returns you to the last Pokémon Center you were at instead of letting you go wherever you want, but Kimblee and I have been using that for raids.

[How do you think they got out of the sealed room when they were messing with the Kimono Girls?]

I could breed you an Abra or a Ralts if you would like to try that. Both of them learn Teleport. Fly would be better, but I don't believe you can use it inside buildings.


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Different coloring? I don't believe that would have had anything to do with the devices...

[Wheatley, why are you talking like you have any idea what those devices do? You didn't even know about them until a little while ago.]

Have you been training one of them? The trash bags, I mean. Trubbish? That's what they're called, right? Yes. Them.

[Wheatley runs a hand through his hair, glancing off-screen for a moment.]

What color are they? The ones in Goldenrod are... well. They're a mixture of colors, really. They're mostly green, I believe.

[He's spent the majority of his time running from them, so...]
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...did they seriously assign you a cave to work out of, Commander?

[Wow, who did you piss off...although from the look of it Kimblee doesn't seem to be faring much better, at first glance. Abandoned Rocket base in Mahogany Town, hell yeah; he's been alternating between bored out of his mind and trying not to be too horrified at the...whatnot with the Trubbish out there, because oh god oh man.]
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[He double-checks one more time to make sure the video is private; it is.]

Ugh, no. You couldn't pay me enough to stay there, given what they've done to the place.
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[Honestly, Kimblee's more concerned about the current filth-plague spreading than getting attacked, because ugh ugh ugh no ugh.]

Mahogany, yes - and honestly, I'm almost impressed with the degree to which you're understating what's going on. Are you that familiar with this sort of thing? You didn't seem terribly fazed by the...Trubbish-thing that you received, after all.

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[Private Video.]

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Thank you, Cobra Commander. It is a pleasure.

As for why you find the color of your own Trubbish to be different than the others...

[He seems to move the Gear a little, to have a better look at Cobra's feed.]

Yes. Congratulations. Yours is a differently colored specimen. A most rare phenomenon, though not unheard of. A fine example of spontaneous genetic mutation, though a purely cosmetic one.
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[Private Video.]

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I am afraid so. And yet, the mutation makes it extremely valuable, even in monetary terms. Keep that in mind, should your private finances ever run low.

[He smiles.]

Indeed. That is what I was hinting at in that conversation.
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[Private Video.]

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Do not be so cruel. It is not merely trash, as I am sure you have seen in more than one occasion by now.

Your consideration flatters me, Cobra Commander. Do you truly believe I could make improvements on something devised by a tactician of renown such as yourself?

[Have some ego petting, Cobra. He's dispensing some of it around, so hopefully other Rockets will be less inclined to badmouth him.]

[Private Video.]

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