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Cobra Commander ([personal profile] cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) wrote2012-07-18 03:11 pm

54 | Private Audio/Video/Action for Vermillion City

[Private Audio on Rocket Frequency]
If you’re not all too busy out there causing mayhem and destruction, I have require information. First! Has anyone, anyone at all found the name of that thief?

Sssecond! Earlier thisss week, I conducted an attack on the Saffron City Gym! And several people got in my way! If anyone knows anything about these individuals, let me know! The first was a young man with silver hair, blue eyes, several powerful Pokémon, and most notable they attacked me with a giant wooden key!

The second person was a girl with short black hair and blue eyes! She used a Garchomp, Typhlosion, and sssome Pokémon I’ve never seen before! It looked like a cross between some sort of dragon monstrosity! And it had heads for hands!

The third person was a young woman! Black hair, glasses, and she had a Blaziken and a camel thing! But thisss camel thing had volcanoes on its back!

If you know anything about any of these people, let me know! And you may want to keep an eye on thisss frequency! There’s going to be something worth watching, very very soon!

[And the private feed ends with some cackling.]

[Public Video]

[Cobra Commander has the camera pointing right at his faceplate. The background music today is that of Vermillion City. Like last time, he’s not worried about concealing his whereabouts today.]

I was told to wait until the chaos settled down, but as you all should know by now, I care little for opinions that aren’t my own! But I’m getting ahead of myself! You’ll see what I’m talking about soon enough!

Now then, as most of you should know by now, I was robbed recently! What you may not know is that I spent latter portion of last month tracking down and recovering what was stolen! And while I was out, I took the liberty of challenging two more of these Gym things!

[He’ll just move things around, so he can show off the Fog Badge and Storm Badge he picked up.]

But as some of you know, I’ve recently found a much more satisfying way to deal with these Gyms! Which brings me to the point of thissss video! Behold! My next target! The Vermillion City Gym!

[The next shot should look pretty familiar to anyone who watched his last video. It’s the front of the Vermillion City Gym, but there’s no Hyper Beam this time.]

Now then! Overkill! If you would be so kind as to open the door!

[But there is a Scolipede ramming the doors open with Megahorn!]

Excellent! Destroy everything! Everything! COBRAAAAAAAAAAAA!

[And the feed cuts out there.]

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