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[Unless someone really likes the background music for Route 36, there's not much worth listening to in the background.]

It’s a shame that I can’t ssstay longer. I’ve always liked Violet City. After all, that was the first place I chose to prove that I am not the harmless joke some of you idiots ssstill incorrectly seem to think that I am! And believe me, I can do it again! From what I’ve ssseen the security in thisss town is as lax as ever!

[There’s nothing but route music for a few moments while he calms down. He wasn’t planning on making this broadcast to yell at everyone, so he’d like to get things back on track.]
But I digress. The reason I’m taking the time out of my busy day to ssspeak with you all is to announce that I have defeated the Violet City Gym! It was an overwhelming victory! In fact, you could say that I even conquered it!

[Just in case that was too subtle, he’ll clarify.]

And while I realize that most of you don’t care about my victory, I’m curious what a certain someone who made a certain bet has to sssay about it!

[Without bothering to explain who, Cobra cuts the feed.]

[Private Text to Kato]
Assuming you’ve eluded any misguided attempts to bring you to justice, would you like to have that conversation now?
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[Oh Cobra, you've only just now gotten Violet's badge? What have you been doing in Johto for two years? ...Besides trying to conquer it...]

Congratulations, Commander. Did you have fun?
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[AUDIO] - I totally meant to put that :|

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[Well he can understand where complaining comes in, yes...]

But of course. That's certainly the biggest advantage of this world.
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[private text]

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[[Kato is currently making his way back to Goldenrod City as they speak, his Steelix making short work of the distance. When the text comes in, he smiles. He had actually been quite looking forward to hearing from Cobra.]]

I'm all ears, sir. What is it you'd like to discuss?
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[Private audio]

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[[Reclining back on his Steelix and adjusting his blonde wig, Kato strokes his chin thoughtfully.]]

Do you mean potential uses for my invention? I'm always open to suggestions, particularly if they're fun.
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[Private audio]

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Consider me interested, Commander.

[[Hell, he does get a little bored of only having the one invention to work on at times, after all. Maybe another few would keep him a little more entertained.]]

I presume these potential other inventions are all focused around destruction? You know where my interests lie.

[Private audio]

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You say that like 'conquering' Falkner's gym is a huge accomplishment...

[Hey, look! It's that silver haired brat.]
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But you broadcast it publicly, so what do you expect?

[Nope, not going. Sorry.]


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[Really, Cobra? Really? You're taking time out of people's busy day to tell them THAT? Crow has to roll his eyes at it. And if his annoyed tone as he speaks isn't an indication that he doesn't find the information to be breaking news of the week, nothing does.]

Wow. You beat the gym the newcomers beat within their first two months here tops... after how long again? A year? Two? That really is an achievement.

[Here, have really slow and obviously unenthusiastic clap.]
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[You know, he kinda has to agree with that statement. He certainly doesn't understand the logic behind it all.]

... You're not making any sense, man. You're the one with lack of progress.
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Violet's, huh.

Snake dude, I got that one months ago.
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It ain't like I care much about what you do with yours either, dude. But like, when you've been here longer than me and only just got it? It ain't much of an achievement, just saying.


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[...oh...goodness, it's you again.

Let's. See how civil discourse goes today, shall we? It's likely not a terribly good idea, as you seem rather...ah, energized, but hope springs eternal...]

Congratulations on your victory, then.

[That is actually entirely sincere.]

Hopefully the rest of the town is still in one piece, now that you're done with it?

[...and that has all the subtlety of a blunt axe behind it. He tried.]
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[video forever]

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[...well, it's...better than it could have been...]

And what would you stand to gain from that? Is there anything there worth destroying, in your opinion, or is it just so you can try to get people to take you seriously?