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57 | Audio

[When the recording starts, it doesn’t seem like Cobra Commander’s ready to start his address since he’s talking to himself.]

What an idiot. Of course, he’s impressed by my Bug-Types. The forces of Cobra are always impresssssive!

[Oh, right, he was recording an audio message. He should probably start addressing the Gear now.]

This is Cobra Commander ssspeaking.

[Because who else would be hissing and talking about cobras?]

I’ve recently collected the badge from this place, and even though thissss was no difficult accomplishment, I’ve decided to celebrate my victory! How, you may ask? By attacking somewhere, of course! But not just anywhere! No, I’ve decided to treat myself! And I’m going to do that by ruining the place I hate the most! I hope you all enjoy failing at figuring out where that is!

[And the feed cuts off right there. No hysterics, cackling, or anything like that this time around. He wants to give out as little information as possible.]

{OOC: Badge is of course mod approved, and there’s more information about Cobra’s plan in this post}
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Congratulations again, Commander. Dare I ask where you're planning to attack?

[It better not be Mahogany. Sure, it's a crappy little town, but it's his now. He's conquered it. Because there was no opposition that's not the point.]
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[Oh good, considering that it is his home now!]

Indeed? It certainly sounds like it will be interesting to watch. Dare I ask how you're planning to pull this off?
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Well, it certainly sounds like you'll have fun with that, Commander.
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How many badges do you have now?
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A little excited to get to Kanto, huh? Are the gyms much harder there?
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[After linefacing for about half a second, Robin smiles coyly.]

I find it hard to believe someone as clever and accomplished as you would feel the need to prove yourself to someone. They must be very important to you.
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Are you the type to take any wager?
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[She almost asks if he'd like to bet on that. But she doesn't know him well enough.]

A wise policy. What is the Gym Leader like in Azalea?
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[For a split second, Robin rolls her eyes.]

Obviously. But how pathetic? Did they try to beat your team with nothing but Magikarps?
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[But she got what she wanted to know, so she smiles.]

At least that makes it easier for you to win your wager.
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Cobra, you are getting text because depending on what answer he receives for this, tables are going to go over in a moment.]

Given your location, I sincerely hope that what you're talking about isn't anyplace local.
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Good to know.

I'm aware of what you think of me, but I've told you before that I'm not a nonviolent person. I don't want to have to show you that personally.
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[...hold on.]

And how many have you defeated?
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[...well, it's...a start. Kinda.]

Then why don't you face those who challenge you? If there's such a long line, you can't have taken on very many.
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...okay, that makes some degree of sense until it quite suddenly doesn't, wow]

And you aren't concerned about those who oppose you forming some sort of united front?
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[Y-Yeah, you kind of need to learn to quit when you're ahead, bro; this happens kinda frequently.]

You have the same sort of goals back home? World domination, I mean.

Because if that's the case and you don't rule the world by now, then you probably should rethink your strategy. Just as a bit of advice.
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I would imagine that it isn't. At the same time, it's like breaking down a brick wall. It's difficult with your bare hands. Possible, but difficult.

Why would you keep pounding it with your fists if you have a battering ram right next to you, and a cannon next to that?
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[Audio, private.]

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[Gorthan sounds rather amused.]

A riddle? How interesting.
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[Audio, private.]

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What about your allies? Are they allowed to know about your plans?
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[Audio, private.]

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Another mole? Who could it be? Is there someone you suspect of?
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[Audio, private.]

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A wise decision. We cannot afford any mistakes.

As always, the independence of your undertakings is remarkable. As wary of others as you must be right now, I hope you trust me enough to keep me posted on the developments.