Apr. 17th, 2012

42 | Video

Apr. 17th, 2012 10:01 am
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[By now everything should be in place. All the bombs should have been planted and the package should be en route to or already in Ecruteak. So with everything ready and zero chance of failure, the Commander begins the video, showing himself sitting in the giant oversized snake throne he received for Christmas.]

Before I begin, I would like to clear up a misssconception from my last attack. That being the idea that I am without allies. What I have done today I could not have done alone. I’ll leave it to you people to figure out who could have helped me with sssssuch a thing.

And what thing is that you ask? It’s sssimple really. I said that if my demands weren’t met, there would be more attacks, and they definitely were not meant. And thissss is no gas attack, no this is something worse. Much worse!

[The Commander gets up and grabs something from off camera, before sitting down again. After taking his seat, he holds it up to the camera. It’s a very ordinary looking remote.]

A ssssingle use of this remote will detonate the bombs my associates have placed in the Game Corner unless my demands are met! Cede Cianwood City to me and place a bag with one million dollars the HM for Fly on the roof of the Department Store within the next 24 hours or your precioussss casino gets reduced to rubble!

[The Commander starts laughing, only to stop after a minute and point his finger towards the camera.]

And to those of you who think you’ll stop me, don’t even try it! Not if you value your lives! As we ssspeak one of you is about to be dealt with! And he doesn't even know it! Sssso stay away from the Game Corner or you’ll be next!


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