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81 | Video | Locked to Rockets

[So Cobra Commander's on the Rocket frequency today. Which might seem strange given the whole not so accidental public outing followed by the publicly leaving Team Rocket. And after a brief moment of silence, Cobra's ready to start explaining things.]

No doubt ssssome of you are surprised to see me on thissss channel. I can hardly blame you given the last month or so. However, I ask that you please lisssten to what I have to say before calling this number or reporting it to our ssssuperiors. Yessss, our superiors. Contrary to what you may have seen me say, I've never left Team Rocket. Everything I've done has been part of a carefully created plan to benefit not just myssself but the organization as a whole.

[And yes, that's just the two videos, but hey, he put a lot of work into those.]

First, I appear to lose my standing in the organization. Then, I make it sssseem like I appropriated high tech weaponry the likes of which hasn't been sssseen in this world. Now for the next phase of my plan, I'll return sssaid weaponry to Team Rocket in exchange for immunity. Thussss, publicly seperating myself from Team Rocket and creating the notion that Team Rocket has access to weapons that no one else here does.

Which leads me to the ssssecond reason for thisss video. No one is going to believe these things work without a demonstration. And I happen to have a lissst of targets and a need for volunteers to ssstrike at said targets on a certain date. I will provide more detailssss once I know who is interested. Given the nature of my plans, information will unfortunately have to be compartmentalized and restricted for the time being.

{OOC: There are more details as well as OOC signups here!}
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[Text Locked]

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I'm in.
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[Text Locked]

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There's no need. I understand.
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[locked video]

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A 'demonstration'?

[Welp, Kato is interested.]

Whatever do you need, Cobra?

[does it involve explosions

please tell him it involves explosions]
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[ are speaking his language, sir]

I think that plan sounds wonderful. Just tell me what you need me to do.



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Make it look like a missile strike...?

[Hmm, he's never really experimented with moving bombs, but...this could open up some very interesting avenues for him to explore...

also Cobra, you're too kind~]

I believe I can manage that. I have just the Pokemon to assist me.

You don't mind if I target populated areas, do you? I prefer an audience, you see.
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Oh don't you worry, I'll produce something so magnificent that it will have the whole of Johto trembling! You can count on me, Cobra!

[....welp, looks like the crazy train has left the station, um]
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If only the Bug-Catching contest was on...but it's no matter. There will be plenty there to witness my artistic flair.


Let us remind them all that Team Rocket is still around!
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Oh, now this sounds fun.
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Remind me never to doubt you in future.

And of course you can; I wouldn't be much of a weapon otherwise.
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I'm not, but I can be.

What am I doing to that particular city, hm?
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The movie studios?

Where they make all those new films that they show here. The ones with all the explosions.
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Ah, I've been wanting to see those for a while, actually. It's a bit of a shame they'll be destroyed shortly after, but it's of personal interest to me regardless.
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You know, I've never considered that before, and I'm certainly not going to start now - no, I'm just curious as to how they do everything.


...his dreams are going to be so crushed and he will be fully prepared to raze the studios and salt the earth, you have no idea]

Either way, though, we're going to be sending a bit of an interesting message - clearly, our organization just hates entertainment.

What sort of destruction are you looking for?
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I aim to please

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[God, why can't he work for you more often, you sound so fun - ...ahem.]

You know, people in this place have taught me how to build explosive devices...I'll come up with something, either way.
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No Pokémon, then. Understood.

I won't disappoint you.