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87 | Video/Action | Fourth Wall

These crystals are far, far too dangerous to be left here where anyone can get use them.

[Cobra turns the camera away from Fuchsia City's crystal that he was focusing on and towards himself. His slightly charred self. Guess who's been trying to figure out how these things work via trial and error? And it's been mostly error. Yup, lots and lots of explosive errors.]

Therefore, I've taken it upon mysssself to personally see to it that they don't fall into the wrong hands! Whose hands are those? Pretty much anyone's hands that aren't mine!

[...that part probably wasn't a surprise to anyone. What might be a surprise to the viewer though is what Cobra pans away and up to what appears to be...quite a few Magnezones using their magnetic powers to levitate quite a few Steelixes above the crystal.

Amazing what one can do by pulling rank on some NPC Grunts and taking advantage of the general craziness.]

As you can see, I've put together enough firepower to easily take down thissss crystal! And once that's done, I'll move on to all the others! And then the remains will be gathered up and-

[Cobra's cut off as the first Steelix gets essentially launched into the crystal.]

No! Sssstop! Ssstop! I didn't give the order yet! Sssstop it!

[They're not stopping.]

I sssssaaid ssssstop!

[The feed ends there.

But for anyone in Fuchsia City, Cobra's still standing in front of the crystal, shrieking at the Pokemon to do as he says...and occasionally dodging chunks of crystal sent flying by the bombardment. This isn't even remotely how he wanted this to go. And yet somehow, this isn't exactly a new experience for him either.]
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[Well that was...definitely a thing. Dist has to admit he's impressed by the Commander's creativity with those Magnezones and Steelixes though.

So he leans in toward the 'Gear with mild interest, and slight secondhand embarrassment for things going slightly awry on camera.]

Did your little plan work, Commander?
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[It was a little barbaric to look at, but hey, it seems to be working!

He glances around the screen to see if he can spot anymore crystals.]

Do we have any information about those crystals? As in, are they actually dangerous? Aside from destroying property, of course.

[Thankfully they haven't gotten into the base.]
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It's a good thing I don't use my only Electric-types for battle, then.

[It's also a good thing he hasn't actually gone out and examined them yet. He'd rather not have them blow up in his face.]

That is concerning, though. Do you know what other types cause a violent reaction like that?
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[He mulls that over for a moment.]

I can see why you'd want to collect the fragments. They seem to be natural bombs from your description. I'd keep your Magnezones at a safe distance as you work on that.

[He's actually kind of disappointed. He was expecting them to have strange energy that could be harvested or something. But hey, they don't know everything about the crystals so far...]
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[That's exactly Dist's line of thinking, judging by the look of mild concern on his face. Though it's really less concern and more...Cobra please use common sense here.]

I wasn't talking about the well-being of them, that I don't particularly care about either. I'm telling you to keep them at a safe distance so they don't accidentally ignite the crystal. Unless that is what you want...
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No need to get worked up, Commander, that is what I figured. I simply don't want you to accidentally get blasted back into Johto. But it appears you know what you're doing.

[...maybe he does, anyway.]

I think I might try to collect some samples in Goldenrod as well. I have a feeling Kato would have a field day with them.

[Bombs with crystal shrapnel? Sounds legit.]