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90 | Video/Audio

[Aside from the Pokegear's ID being Cobra's, there's not a lot here worth mentioning. The device seems to be broadcasting from someone's hand, providing a weird side view of...what appears to be a giant pile of trash. Or a Garbodor if the viewer's familiar with what the side of a shiny Garbodor looks like from this angle.

Audiowise, there's not a lot worth mentioning. Background music. And the cameraman asking the person off camera if some Pokemon belong to anyone inside the news building. After being told no, the sssslightly familiar ssssounding camerman, turns to leave...when the pile of trash darts forward, and the feed ends with the sound of an explosion.

About an hour later, there's a brief audio message from the same Pokegear.]

Let thisss be a lesson to those who would dare to broadcast trash like that bogusss description, and a reminder of what can happen to those who dare crosssss me!

[Yes, he blew up a pile of trash and then called EV News trash. Yes, he thought it was clever. And no, he doesn't care if people think otherwise.]

{OOC: So here's the attack that was initially mentioned here! Like the link says, after the explosion, he teleported back to Vermilion with his Pokemon, so he'll be getting away with this one!}
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[...Okay, like this wasn't hilarious enough already, the fact that it's apparently happening because this guy is still holding some kind of supremely butthurt vendetta against a completely innocent party for a thing that Schuldig knows he's actually responsible for...


It's a beautiful world and everything in it is magical.]

Did you just attack somebody with exploding garbage?

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I like a guy who keeps his word.

Especially when he keeps it with explosives.
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That reminds me. You're not going to have anything new for me for a while, are you? I might be taking a trip, is all.
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Sure is. I'm hoping to head up north and do a little hunting.
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I doubt it. They're snowflakes.

I think I've heard they live in the Ice Path?
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Because according to all reports, the ones they have around here are the flesh-eating variety, and I've never seen carnivorous precipitation before.

I also think some other unsuspecting people could stand to get acquainted with them in the near future.
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[You know, when he had initially urged Cobra to wait a while before making a move, he hadn't had the slightest idea what he would do. Volgin could be predicted to act swiftly and violently, but Cobra had actually taken his time.

...and then blown up a pile of trash inside the news building.

Ocelot would have gone with something that had a little more finesse to it, but there's something to be said about... whatever the hell that was.]

You wouldn't happen to have a discreet address, would you, sir?
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I'd like to send you something as a token of gratitude.

[Because Cobra literally set a pile of trash on fire as revenge.

This is the most ridiculous thing he's seen in a long time and it probably shouldn't be laugh out loud funny to him, but you know what. It is.

And he doesn't really care if everyone else is horrible offended or not.]
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By the way, what sort of Pokemon was that? That is what it was, wasn't it?

[It'll be a day or two, but Cobra will receive a fancy bottle of wine in the mail with a small card attached to it with "from O" written on it in very neat handwriting.]
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[...A Pokemon made out of garbage.

SURE WHY NOT. This is text, so Cobra can't hear him laughing.]

That's certainly an interesting way of handling things. I expect it'll be some time before there's a report about exploding garbage in their premises.

If it happens at ll.
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[Well now, that's at least mildly interesting. Sloppy execution though.]

Not a bad start. How'd you finis the job?

[Please say there was actual arson involved beyond an exploding garbage bag.]
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Re: [audio]

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[Well, that's the boring answer. A few points for trying, at least.]

Hm. How much damage did the building take, then?

[Can't have been all that much, if Cobra walked away from an explosion that close by. Worth asking though, just in case, before she takes the final leap into disdain.]
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[This can't be legitimate. She's stumbled onto some sort of fictional drama somehow. She's almost certain she's heard similar inflections and vague warnings in dozens of radio dramas. Whatever it is, it's amusing.]

...where does the buxom schoolteacher tied to the train tracks factor in?

[Because there's almost always one of those.]

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Silent...? Oh. Moving pictures.

[There are ones that aren't silent?]

Been a victim of slander, have you?
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Any particular reason for this false accusation, or does someone just dislike you that much?
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You should've brought in a Skuntank, too.

[she would normally make fun of him but


this is fucking gold]
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If you hid a Skuntank nearby, then after they finally clean up the mess Garbodor left, you could have it spray their entire headquarters afterwards! The stink lasts for weeks! Now that would've been priceless.

[Oh gosh, the attempted hit thing... maybe it's for the best she doesn't know it was him who sent it (yet).]
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It's just to rub more salt in the wound, moron! Isn't that what this whole fiasco was about?

But I suppose I shouldn't expect you to understand the impact of 'lasting effect'.

[Alright, now Saionji is obvious, even without checking her name.]
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Why would I need to learn it?

[Hi, Cobra. How's life?]
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[Honestly, she would pass it off as an excuse, but the tone is considerably different compared to before.


What is that, an intimidation tactic? That sounds like a cop-out answer to me! How convenient, to paint me as the stupid one.
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[locked Rocket text]

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Commander, did you just blow up a pile of trash?
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[He did it. He actually did it. Raikov facepalms and shakes his head.]

... Congratulations?