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92 | Rocket Video

[As much as Cobra would like to rant and rave about how annoying the earthquakes today are, he really has much more important things to accomplish today, so instead, he won't bother with the public video today.]

[Rocket Video]

[Now, on the Rocket side of things, there's a video that Cobra's comrades might want to pay attention to. It's just Cobra in a hotel room, but behind him is the weird...sword Pokemon that's appeared in both Lavender and Ecruteak today.]

Good afternoon. As ssssome of you already know, I have been offering whatever new Pokemon that appear in my area to you all at no cosssst. Today, I have another one to offer, which you can all ssssee behind me. As you can ssssee, it is quite different from anything else that's appeared, which is why I will offer it exclusively to Team Rocket today. No doubt someone else will disseminate them to the general public, but I feel that it is my duty to make sssure that as many of these remain in our hands as possssible.

[Given that it's a sword. A sword! He'd be happier with a gun, but hey, this is pretty good. And who knows, maybe it'll evolve into a gun...or a gun that shoots swords or something.

Probably not though.]

Therefore if you are interested in acquiring one of these creatures, I'd ssssuggest contacting me immediately. No doubt the offer is time sssensitive as all these appearances have been short lived.
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[Have a whistle of approval, Herr Commander; it seems someone on the other end of this line likes the cut of your jib — pun intended.]

A living sword, huh? What will they think of next.
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I'm not gonna say no to a blade the authorities can't stop me from carrying around.

That's their rule, right? No sharp edges, just Pokemon. Looks like the fuckers are in for a surprise now.
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When even the universe has it out for your attempts at creating order, that really says something about how powerless you really are.

I'm sure I can come up with something fun to do with a living sword.
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I like the way you think, Herr Commander.

Are you coming up with some secret plans of your own for the things?
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Haha, well. I might be able to help with that; we'll see.
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...Is that a freakin' sword?

[That. is the coolest thing ever. Well, almost the coolest thing. His Gyarados are pretty rad.]
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Duuuuuude. You gotta hook me up with one.
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Uh-- Er... I can't call you Cobra? Or just Commander? Wouldn't it be Commander Cobra?
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[He tried!]

Okay, uh... Commander? Man, that's gonna take me ages to get used to...

D'ya know what those sword things like? I mean, can they eat?
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Okay, okay--!

[At least the higher ranked Rockets aren't nearly as bad as some of his old coworkers, right?] B-But, uh... You haven't tried to give 'em anything?
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Trust me, when you've seen things as weird as I have, it never hurts to try. Er... It works with a lot of things! Well, uh, unless those things are giant dogs in the underworld...

[He shudders a little.]

I'll try and see if they can eat anything!
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[personal profile] scizor_sister 2014-09-29 02:50 pm (UTC)(link) that really a sword?

[Did you know that Christmas comes early in Johto? Because that's what Nui is learning today.]

And you're giving them away? You're too kind, sir.

[She's being atypically sweet, mostly because she assumes Cobra won't notice the really unsubtle flattery. It is at least partially genuine, because STABBY MONSTER THING.]
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Re: [Video]

[personal profile] scizor_sister 2014-10-01 07:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Hm, perhaps I should say you're being surprisingly team-minded, then?

[Christmas miracles are all the more miraculous when they happen in September, right?]

Regardless, I'm sure I could put one to very good use.
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Re: [Video]

[personal profile] scizor_sister 2014-10-06 04:24 pm (UTC)(link)
You're not that bad, for a human.

[She finds him pretty entertaining, at least. And he's giving her a loophole in the 'no weapons' rule, which is even better.]

[Which isn't to say, of course, that she's not also going to try winding him up a little.]

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