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94 | Video

[Cobra's off in what appears to be a wooded area today. There's a house off to the side which...doesn't really do much to identify where he is, but still, a house!]

Greetings citizens of Johto, Kanto. It's been ssssome time since I've had reason to addresssss you all like this.

[Technically, he just made a broadcast last month, but that's not really what he's talking about. ...but on a possibly related note, it has been a few months since he attacked that news station.

And he's still showing off that house in the background. Look, he rented it. He wants you all to see what he does with his money.]

Over the years certain individuals, myssself among them, have perpetrated various acts of violence and terrorism on thissss world, usually utilizing either Pokemon...or more conventional methods, ssssuch as that little war waged in Ecruteak the other day.

[Or maybe it wasn't so little, doesn't really matter. Cobra wants to talk about Cobra and his accomplishments today, not what that “Seth” guy is doing over in Ecruteak.]

Sssso I've decided that it's time to try something new. A blending of conventional weaponry and Pokemon as it were. A project I've dubbed Project M.E.T.A.L.!

[Magnetic Emission Tactical Assault Laser, if anyone's curious and doesn't feel like asking. A fancy name for...shooting things with Magnezones. Or what are going to one day be Magnezones.]

Of course, at this point, we all know that actions ssssspeak far louder than words, sssso I've arranged for a little demonstration.

[Okay, so now the house is going to come into play, since Cobra's focusing on it with the camera.]!

[And from off camera comes a beam of some sort that's uh...well, if anyone's seen Flash Cannon, sort of like that. Except it's a bit larger since it's about six of them aligned to fire together and impact the wall of that house.

...the house that he rented just to do this. Yup. This is what Cobra Commander does with his money.

With that demonstration done, he'll switch to audio until he gets over there, so enjoy the background music for the Mahogany area and the sound of Cobra walking for a moment.

Okay, it's live again and there's a lovely view of the wrecked wall as well as the interior of the room behind the wall which looks blasted all to hell. It could be worse, but suffice to say, he is not getting his deposit back. But enough about that, he's going to turn the camera to himself so he can address everyone personally.]

No doubt ssssome of you are unimpressed. But consider thisss a taste of things to come. The finished product will be much more devastating, and I guarantee it will be unlike anything this world has ever ssssseen!

[And he'll just cackle into the camera before ending the feed because that's his usual way of ending these things.]

{OOC: So, as you some of you might have noticed, Cobra's been mentioning that he's been working on something for the last few months. This is part of it! When it's all finished in a couple of months or so, there'll definitely be more information on it and the chance to foil his stupid evil, okay mostly stupid, plan. So this is basically phase one of a much larger stupid thing.

And this was mod approved by Sunny and Alex!}
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[This is either kind of cool or really stupid.

Greed isn't sure which.]

Were you getting jealous of Seth stealing the spotlight?
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["They," Cobra?]

The timing was suspicious, you have to admit.

[If the llama god comes back and kicks your ass for mistreating Pokemon, Greed's going to laugh.]
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[...dude, this is one of those really funny pot versus kettle things considering you just destroyed a house in some sort of strange temper tantrum.]

Well, no.

I guess not.


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[alright you know what

that is just NOT ON. she is going to DEFIANTLY POSE at the screen because she cannot stand for this future injustice!]

Not if I have anything to say about it, you won't! And I'm not even going to get sidetracked by looking for somebody's lost Pokemon this time, either, so you'd better watch out!
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...Oh! Well, I was going to swoop into Ecruteak and save the day from that one shady jerk who was bombing things, but... then I figured I could take a side trip to the National Park!

...that was a bad idea!

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...I left early and I thought I'd have time!

You don't know how hard it is to find a Metapod in a park full of Metapods!


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[Oh, you are just a JOY. She doesn't even mean that sarcastically.]

Feeling left out of all the excitement?
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...A machine that blows things up.

[ The destruction he's impressed with. The presentation, not so much. ]

This is a big achievement? I do hate to break it to you, but I believe something rather like that has been invented already.
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And it's different... how?

[ You'll forgive him for not buying it, Cobra. From where he's standing, it looks exactly like one of those two things. ]
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...Fine, I'll bite. What's the acronym stand for?
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[...Wow, you are really stoked. Normally he doesn't like you, sir, but it's a bit hard to lineface at someone this exuberant over pointless destruction.

And the name...well.]

What, you've managed to construct some sort of wave gun?

[He...actually sounds vaguely impressed.]
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Well. Maybe I'll have to look forward to seeing it then.

[Because this is either going to be awesome or it's going to be inadvertently hilarious.]


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[Well it's not the most original creation in the world, but Dist will applaud Cobra's efforts anyway. Congrats Cobra, you destroyed a whole wall.

He'll be nice and not mention what Seth's managed to destroy in the meantime, mostly because he can't stand Seth anyway.]

Fashioned up a laser beam, did you? What Pokemon are you using for it?

Also, I would like to recommend Hyper Beam for an even more destructive variation. I say that as someone with experience, naturally.
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Not the best choice...? Ah, you intend to use this in rapid succession. I can understand that. Though you could have reserves ready in wait while the first wave recharges, you know.

[He gets it why other Beams/Cannons would be more efficient though, he just feels like being hyper technical because that's how he is.]

A solid choice, and I am not just saying that. I've grown quite fond of that evolutionary line- they are very versatile. As you know, I primarily use Magnezone and Magnemite to power my chair.

I have several extras that I received from Grunts should you ever feel the need for more.


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