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96 | Video

[For those who are watching and have been to Cinnabar Island, the subject of Cobra's video is that construction site that's been constructing ever since Kanto became available all those years ago. ...or before that who knows? For those who've never been there, it's a construction site in a mysterious location. Which appears to be closed for the day.]

When we last ssssspoke like this, I demonstrated my latest innovation for all of you.

[...yup, he sure is pretending the tantrum that happened in between this and that didn't happen.]

And I believe I mentioned that the finished product would be far more devastating. Fortunately for you all, that day has not yet come.

[Soon though, at the rate this is going.]

Sssso today, I've arranged a second demonstration of Project M.E.T.A.L. for your viewing pleasure. So without further delay, fire!

[And from off camera, there's a barrage of Zap Cannons that...sort of whites out the view for a moment. When the feed resumes with an amazing shot of the ground, Cobra picks the camera back up to show...well, some of that construction equipment's definitely wrecked. There's a decent sized gouge in the ground where one of the blasts went off target, and who knows where some of the other ones went. Curse that 50% accuracy.]

I believe that was should be considered far more impressive than merely knocking down a wall as some of you put it before. And jussst remember! The worst is yet to come!

[The public feed ends there, and a few minutes later, there's a private feed on the Rocket channel.]

[Rocket Video]

I believe I've already spoken with ssssome of you about assisting me in thisss endeavor. Now is the time for ssssaid assistance. So those of you interested in helping with mechanical expertise should contact me immediately.

{OOC: So this is part two of the thing Cobra's been working on. He's still ICly putting things together at this point, but in January, you can expect an OOC post with information about what exactly he's doing and how you guys can ruin his plans for him! So keep an eye out for that if you're interested!}
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Holy shit, that was cool!

[...this certainly is a very excited guy who has his face right up in the camera, sorry about that.]

What kind of move was that? I've never seen that one before!

[And apparently your threats have fallen on deaf ears, sorry Cobra.]
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...Sin perceive?

[Sorry about his hearing, it's really bad. The rolling s-es aren't helping either.]

But you're saying you used multiple moves for this? That's pretty cool. I'll have to try it out sometime...
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What? No, that's what you said, isn't it?

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Don't pull that shit on me! You're the one who said it first!!


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Wager we can prolly count on you for fireworks during New Year's then?

[ Hear him out, he has a reason for tormenting you with his presence this time. ]
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Right, right.

[ Ah, Cobra. Never stop being entertaining to him. ]

On another note, mate, I've fallen a bit behind on sending out my presents this year due to... ah.... unforseen circumstances so... where do I send yours?
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Will do!

[ There's a pause though as he gives this a bit of thought. Wow, someone looks engrossed in his work. So... let's try this. ]

Hey, would you know what the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow is?


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What... exactly am I looking at, here? I think your camera missed the actual device.

And I think you need to work on your accuracy a bit.

[Oh, Asami...]
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...You do realize how much a project loses its integrity when you don't actually show people the thing behind your results, right?

That could've just been a bunch of lightning benders. Er, PokΓ©mon.

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Except that it would actually prove that there's a device in the first place.

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[rocket video]

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You rang?

[And here's Dist, leaning forward with one arm supporting his chin and the other supporting the 'Gear itself. He looks positively thrilled that His Time has finally come.]

[rocket video]

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Of course, only the highest quality for Cobra Commander. Fortunately for you, I am incapable of producing anything less.

[The egos are strong in this video call already...

Propping the 'Gear against something else, Dist straightens up and digs around in his desk drawer for that pen and paper. Once he produces them, he readies the pen.]

I am all ears, Commander. What do you have in mind?
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[rocket video]

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[Dist sets to work immediately, jotting down notes and even drawing a simple sketch of the proposed machine on the side.

As he goes though, he eventually slows down and squints his eyes at the end result. Especially with that parachute.]

Attaching the Magnezones will be no trouble at all; I can use the same technology as my chair for it. But I have to only want a windshield? But Commander, are you not expecting attacks from all sides?


[rocket video]

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