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Cobra Commander ([personal profile] cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) wrote2015-03-19 01:45 pm

103 | Rocket Video

[Today we have a Rocket only video, showing Cobra Commander in a house on his giant snake throne that occasionally pops up in his videos. It doesn't appear to be the house he normally broadcasts from, so it appears that he had the chair moved to that island from the other day.]

Hello members of Team Rocket. Thissss is Cobra Commander speaking. The new emperor of Cobra Island, and as I've just recently heard, the newest Rocket Alpha.

[That's right. He's been promoted.]

And today I am here to present a very valuable opportunity for ssssome of you to redeem yourssselves in my eyes.

[Still bitter about the jail thing? Nope. Not him.]

I have four individuals I want dealt with. Three of these targets are open to any of you, and believe me, successsss will be handsomely rewarded. The remaining assignment is unfortunately ressstricted to those with a more proven track record if they are interested in taking it.

[And he could just send his new NPC goons after them, but he really does like providing work for everyone else.]

The first target is one Carter Blake. The idiot who recently appointed himssself leader of the world.

[Cobra sees no irony or hypocrisy here. None at all.]

I would like to ssssee someone shut his mouth. Permanently if it can be arranged. As well as pay for what he did to me in Cherrygrove. The sssecond is one Lightning Farron, who has recently returned to thissss world. Sssome of you may remember her being a problem in the past. Sssee that she does not become one again.

[Of course preemptively attacking someone might cause that problem in the first place.]

For the third, I unfortunately lack their name at the moment. The target is a red haired woman of few words who interfered with my plans in Cherrygrove. I would almossst count on her becoming a problem for the rest of us as well. And sssince no doubt at least one of you will complain about that dessscription being vague, she sssseemed to communicate via a Psychic Pokemon. Ssssurely something like that will make her identity easier to narrow down.

[And that's it, aside from target number four should anyone ask about that.]

{OOC: Everyone here's been listed with their player's permission! If you're taking a target, just get in contact with them for plotting and stuff like that!}

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