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105 | Action | Fourth Wall

[Well, it's that time of year again, the time where anything and everything goes absolutely crazy and nothing makes sense.

So Cobra's got his island on full alert because this is probably the most likely time for something chaotic and ridiculous to happen. He's already told his NPC goons to be on their guard and to get ready to repel any invaders, but who knows how well that'll work since it's fourth wall and they'll get warped in and out or their Pokemon will suddenly be Magikarps with only Splash or something else will happen.

Cobra himself is going to barricade himself inside the house he uses as a command center which is a terrible idea because once again this is fourth wall and someone could just warp or glitch in there or Godzilla could show up and step on it, and...

And basically, there's no way this isn't a ridiculous disaster in the making, and it's probably for the best that fourth wall damage doesn't stick around long term.

Because odds are, there's going to be a lot of that.]

{OOC: Please feel free to attack and make a mess of his island. I'll be more than happy to throw Cobra and other things your way in return.}
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[There's a distant sound of sirens. The hum of a motor.

Soon it's a wail and a roar.

A speedboat with a siren on top crashes into the beach like it's goddamn Normandy. Carter Blake, clad in a flak jacket, jumps down onto the beach. A little Snubbull is quick to follow, followed by the FWUMP of a huge Arcanine landing on the sand. A Kingler blasts a challenging jet of water in the air, and you'd better have been dreaming of electric sheep, because one is here to kick your ass.

There is a hiss and buzz in the air that is either the promise of impending violence or a Ludicolo shaking maracas.

Steve, her face marked with camo paint, hands Blake a megaphone. He lifts it to his mouth and bellows.]

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[Blake charges right up and points his megaphone at the trainers. Must be the people who already lived here.]

You! We're here to clear out the occupying asshole. Where is he?
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[The megaphone lowers as Blake's eyes narrow. He's full of resentment and testosterone and ain't nobody getting in his way.]

I mean the guy who showed up on the network bragging about gassing the hospital.

[Steve's ears are laid back, and she comes closer to sniff one of the people suspiciously.

Blake is wearing exactly the same expression, sans fangs.]

Tell me what hole he's hiding in, or get out of the way. Civilians should be out of here anyway.

Things are about to get messy.
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[Blake has a fraction of a second to get irritated at the non-compliance before he takes a solid whack across the jaw.

There are some things that Blake has gotten very good at through repeated experience. One of them is getting punched in the face. He staggers back and snarls,]
You son of a bitch!

[That's all the warning there is before Blake lashes out to clock him upside the head with the megaphone.

For Steve's part, she is immediately alarmed: humans aren't supposed to attack each other! She and the Arcanine try to tackle the other human and hold him down.]

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[As soon as Lightning arrived in this place, she knew it was trouble. Thankfully she was damn good at sneaking, and with her magic and Pokémon, took out a good chunk of NPC's. But where the hell was she?

She has her Pidgeotto do recon in the air, and her Purrloin sticks to the shadows. From what Lightning can tell, this was definitely an enemy base. Knowing her luck, it's the home of a certain masked idiot. There's already a lot of noise here. May as well cause more.

So she does what she does best: cause mayhem with her strongest magic spells. Her Pokémon, of course, join in on the mayhem. If Cobra comes out, he'll see that a nice chunk of his compound is now wrecked. And Lightning has just gotten started.]
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[She would have attacked the grunt, though she lets him go. The guy was smart enough to run. He'll just have a Pidgeotto chasing him to make him run faster.

Lightning looks satisfied with her work on this section and makes her way to another section to cause more damage. Having her powers back and using them like this felt absolutely wonderful. And using them against a bad guy made it feel one hundred times, no, a thousand times better to have them.]

Cobra! I'll set this whole place on fire!

[Even if he does come out, guess who's not stopping?]
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Watch me.

[Her Braixen is now indeed helping her set fire to what they could. Lightning using Firaga, her Braixen using Flamethrower. They had split up to cover more ground. Her Ampharos, meanwhile, is finding anything giving off electricity and short circuits it.

Don't challenge her more, Cobra. She still has a Dratini that can use Hyper Beam, and will.]

Come out, you coward!

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[It's probably a good thing that Cobra's somewhat holed up in that house, because at some point the sounds of a roaring chainsaw, shouting and random Pokemon attacks will be coming from right outside.

Looks like the NPC goons are dealing with something...rather interesting.

But after a couple minutes, the chaos suddenly stops, and all is quiet. For about a moment, anyway. Because now there's a voice at the door.]

I have to say, this island has the worst welcoming committee!

[If Cobra heard that, the voice will be unmistakable.

In which case, godspeed Cobra.]
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[Wow, hold the phone. Is that the voice she thinks it is? She leans up closer to the door.]

Is that you, Commander?!

[Of course it would be Cobra. Ah, some things never change.

...No, wait. Something is different about this, isn't it? Since when does Cobra actually have his own private detail and...island, apparently?]

How about you let a lady inside instead of forcing her to yell like a barbarian through the door?!

[In other words, hello to you too Cobra. Let's have tea and catch up. And you know, maybe you'll find out about those grunts.]
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[Cobra actually going ahead and opening the door is a pleasant surprise! Grell expected him to refuse, to be completely honest.

With the door opened, she slides on inside past Cobra, casually waving that chainsaw around in one hand. For the record, Cobra's goons seem to be fine, but they're definitely knocked out and scuffed up. Looks like Grell didn't go full chainsaw maniac on them.

Oh, maybe she should answer his question.]


[She then twirls on her heels to face him.]

But I don't know, it's not like I'm here to take you out. Though your lackeys seemed to think otherwise. [But she digresses.] Me showing up on your doorstep for business would mean your time is nearly up!
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[ Because one reaper isn't bad enough, let's have another. Except this one isn't making as much of a fuss as his senior is. In fact, you probably barely noticed he arrived because, yes, he did kind of accidentally get glitched into your barricaded house...

In fact, he's right behind you. ]

So this is your place, then? Fancy that.

[ He totes wasn't there two seconds ago. ]
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Dunno! Just blinked and here I was. M'not sure your guards would've been able to do something about it even if they wanted to.

[ Really, Cobra. Could you kick out a guy with a grin that bright and shiny? After all the rude break-ins you've had today, he's probably the only benign visitor you've had so far. ]

Good thing you didn't get me in the middle of my shower, I'll tell you that.

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S'that right?

[ Hush man. Everyone needs some cheeriness. Gosh, what is it with Ron being surrounded by all these grumps? First Will, now Cobra... he really needs to find more positive people to hang out with. ]

Sounds like you've been having a rough time, mate.

[ And at that, he'll unfold his arms and head off in search of a kitchen. ]

Fancy talking about it? Show me where you keep the tea and I'd be happy to lend an ear.

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