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106 | Rocket Video

[Today, we have a video of Cobra Commander actually out in the field working on catching the thing every Rocket's supposed to be out there catching. But that's not what he's here to talk about. Because while everybody is supposed to be doing the Rocket thing, he actually has another Rocket thing to talk about.

And he's not talking about what happened over the weekend. As far as he's concerned nothing happened.]

I hope I'm not dissstracting you from this ridiculousss endeavor, but as sssome of you may have noticed, we've lost a few of our higher ranked comrades lately. Unlesss I am incredibly missstaken about our lossesss, thisss provides a wonderful opportunity for the ressst of you to disstinguish yourselves and climb the ranks. And regardlessss of how this turns out, I would hope that none of you choose to overlook this chance.

[Go out there guys, he believes in you.

Okay, no, he doesn't. He just wants more higher ranked people who are willing to invent or help him get whatever ridiculous thing he wants. But he's not that transparent, is he?]

And sssomeone catch that thing already! No Pokemon ssshould take thisss long to catch!
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[audio – rocket frequency]

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...Guess that explains why I found some new surprises in my PC.

[And adds weight to some of his own suspicions, but at least the silver lining of things is that if everyone's suspicions are right, at least Nagi's a little less on the verge of being unexpectedly blown up than he's been before.]

We're hard up for science guys right now, aren't we?
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[audio – rocket frequency]

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Well. Shit.

[Thank you, Schuldig, for that eloquent assessment of the situation as it stands.]

...I don't suppose you've got your eye on any of the rookies as being promising for a promotion.
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[audio – rocket frequency]

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I can think of maybe one or two that I'd keep my eye on. One's not really cut out for playing a leadership role, but he can get a job done. The other's...

[...the other showed up claiming he was god's chosen representative on earth, so uh.]


Those are just the ones I know of off the top of my head, anyway.
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[audio – rocket frequency]

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...Kinda reminds me of a junior you, actually. I mean, not that there's anyone in the world comparable to you, but. Same ambition.


If nothing else he might have some ideas.
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[audio – rocket frequency]

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[Well, shit, how is he going to...


The one answers to Messenger Of God On Earth, I guess. The other's the hacker kid, Nagi Naoe.
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So how many of us are there?

[Naki's not really interested in Team Rocket business, but this is something he's curious about. As usual, he's dressed in a white suit with his hair slicked back. There's also a couple of squids visible in the bottom of the frame, so there's nothing different here.]

It seems like there aren't too many of us. Uh, the non... native guys.
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Less than twenty... Holy shit. I mean, I know we've got the other guys running around but... they're pretty fucking dumb.

[THERE ARE ALWAYS SQUIDS, COBRA. One of them is going to stick her face in the camera before Naki swats her out of the way. He continues on like this isn't weird.]

So what are we gonna do? Can we recruit for Team Rocket or something? I mean, I dunno how... "Come join a terrorist organization! Free room and board!"

[At least he's being sarcastic??]
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...also he wasn't expecting Cobra to take that seriously, give him a second.]

Uh... well, I have no idea what else we're supposed to do then. If we can't recruit the people that are already here, what other options do we have?
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I guess it'd at least be somewhat helpful if people move up in the ranks and shit. Though I don't know why you'd want me in any sort of position of power!
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Well, uh... Where do I even fucking start...

[Naki rakes a hand back through his hair and looks a bit agitated. Finally he begins to list things off on his fingers.]

I'm not responsible. I'm not good at leading. I'm incompetent. I'll probably just get myself captured again if no one's keeping an eye on me. I can't be trusted to do anything.

[The way he says them all makes it sound like there should be air quotes around them.]

I dunno, I think I can come up with others if you need 'em.

[He doesn't usually try to put himself down like this, but he's been in a big organization before and he knows how this works.]
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Yeah. Well... I mean, I'm not all bad or anything, that's just what the people I was working with thought. They're assholes though.

[Oh Cobra... Don't tell him that, you'll get him to cry!!]
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[The feed clicks on to show an unfamiliar face, currently still dressed in his Game Corner uniform. He's just finished his shift, after all, and hasn't taken the time to get changed.]

It's a shame that so many capable individuals have disappeared. I'd notice the base growing a touch quieter. Seems we'll just have to find our own ways to make up for it.

At the very least, the organization still possesses a wealth of resources that ordinary trainers lack.
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Well, what do you think the team needs most at the moment? I'll gladly oblige, though a little direction wouldn't hurt.

[It's a good way to uncover the weak spots for later, but by working his way up the ladder, that means more knowledge and resources as well. If he is to get to the bottom of things, then it wouldn't hurt to at least try and act engaged.]
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And I imagine you're seeking something a bit more ambitious than petty theft. Grunt work can only accomplish so much, after all.

[So what else could they possibly require? He'd hoped for more specifics, but he doesn't know Cobra well enough to know what to expect from him.]
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Hmm. Would you prefer something akin to region-wide conquest? Or I suppose taking over one of the cities is ambitious in its own right.

[Not that he plans to do any of this, but he has seen someone seize control of Goldenrod in the past. Or try, anyway.]
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Do I detect a hint of jealousy?

[It's said jokingly, more of a tease than an insult.]

Though I suppose competition would create hurdles for your own triumphs.
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Then what is it about him that irks you? I admit his methods weren't the most rational, but he seemed to have decent ideas. The problem lay in the execution.

[Bit less joking here; perhaps this'll allow him to pick up more about Cobra. It is important to know one's coworkers, at any rate.]