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40 | Private Audio

[Private Audio for Rockets]:
[He’s really only looking for a handful of people, but sending out one broadcast takes much less effort than making three separate phone calls.]

Dr. Kato? Mr. Kimblee? If either of you are listening in on this frequency, contact me immediately. I have a job for you. Possibly for both of you.

[The feed goes quiet for about half a minute before the Commander speaks again.]

Mr. Ishtar, the same goes for you. I may have use for the ssssskills we discussed the other day. That is all. Everyone else should disregard thissss message!
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[[Kato has gotten into the habit of keeping his Pokegear on his work bench, so that he can keep an eye on the happenings around the place. So far, there's been nothing of interest since his conversation with that fellow Team Rocket member, and frankly? He's getting bored.

While he's abandoned his urge to vivisect his Pokemon, he's currently operating on a Pokegear, investigating whether there's room inside the mechanism for explosives. There is, however without the materials from his home world, he's not capable of rigging it to explode with the intensity he'd like.

It's just not the same if only a limb or two gets blown off.

For that reason, hearing that familiar voice coming over the audio is a rather welcome distraction.]]

And what sort of job would that be, sir?
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All of that and more.

[[Finally, something to really focus his attention upon.]]

Just tell me what sort of intensity you need. I'm sure I can rustle something up.
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[[Oh don't worry Cobra; Kato speaks your language.]]

Sounds simple enough. You don't have to worry; you'll get your equipment.

May I ask whom I am to be working with?

[[Kato isn't....quite used to working with anyone, but if they're going to be helpful in making beautiful pieces of art, who cares?]]
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[[That makes Kato chuckle.]]

If that's the case, I'm sure we can manage to get along.

When did you need them by?
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[[....Cobra, Kato is so damned bored that he could have them ready in two days]]

By then I could have made you a small arsenal. Don't worry; you'll have your explosives. Just tell me where you need them, and we'll have quite the art show.
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I anticipate it.
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[The timing for this is fortunate, as Kimblee has just returned to the base tonight; he isn't going to be up to doing terribly much in terms of actually...functioning, and he expects that if nothing else Archer is going to be flopped on him before too long, but at the very least, if this broadcast is coming from nearby, it won't be too difficult to follow up on...ugh, but his condition, tho...

Either way, however, he's not displeased when he recognizes the voice coming from the Gear; this does bode well for some fun eventually.]

I'm listening.
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Ah, it does indeed! I take it that you have need for those services, then?
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I heard about it, yes - very well-done, by the way.

I see no reason why I couldn't do both or either; where do you need them deployed?
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[...oh, this does sound entertaining.]

Which bothersome brat, if I may?
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[He doesn't seem either pleased or displeased with the name he's been given; he simply files it away for later. He has a good idea whom Cobra's referring to, however - the upstart that was challenging him in Ecruteak City a few days before.] much are you willing to offer?
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[He...pays mercenaries by the...

...oh, Cobra...]

How much do you want to be associated with this little operation of yours?
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[...sweetheart, you kind of deserve a headpat and a brownie. Possibly a smack with a clue-by-four. But at the very least, a headpat and a brownie.]

Oh, I'm not opposed to a little notoriety. I managed to gain myself quite a bit in my world of origin; this sort of infamy is nothing new.
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[...well, at least this is audio and so the smirking like a douchebag can't be seen now.]

I can't say that I'm terribly familiar with this "Kato" fellow, no. A recent arrival, I'm assuming?
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That depends - as both this other individual and I have been offered this job, I see no reason why we couldn't collaborate on it; it should cut down on time significantly, and besides, I want to see what he's capable of.
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I'll be sure to get in contact with him; I'm used to working alone, but on things like this, a little collaborative effort never hurt anyone.

...or, well, in this case it'll likely hurt several people, but you get my drift.

[...Kimblee, how dare you smirk at your own horrible wordplay, can we not.]
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You do realize you've just piqued everyone's interest, right?

[Nevertheless, you sought him out. This is a good sign.]
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[He snorts, amused. This base seems well-equipped. And if it doesn't have what he needs, well. His Pokémon are getting stronger, and this is a big city.]

"Can" I? You insult me. You'll be able to enter anywhere you wish.

But I'll expect something in return.
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[audio] sorry for slow, i should be ok now

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[He considers for a moment, weighing pros and cons.]

How are you situated for - Technical Machines? I've some Psychic-types that could use a move boost.
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[Well, saves him the trouble.]

"Dream Eater", then.

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In three days, they'll be ready. If it's a rush job, they'll be more expensive.
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Fine by me.

I'll get right to work.

[You're going to pull something at the Game Corner....oh, this is amusing. He might have to keep Yuugi from visiting it once the cards are done, just in case. Yuugi's his target.]