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Cobra Commander ([personal profile] cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) wrote2012-07-03 07:50 pm

52 | Audio

[Cobra Commander’s sticking with audio only for the public portion of this broadcast. After all, there are only so many hiding places in Cianwood City. He won’t be here much longer and plans to be on the next ferry to Olivine, but still, one can’t be too careful.]

First! After days of sssearching, I have recovered what was stolen from me! If you thought hiding it here would keep me from finding it, then you were sorely missstaken!

Sssecond! I overheard a very interesting ssstory in one of the Pokémon Centers. It ssssems someone has been spreading lies about me, and I will not tolerate being ssslandered! I want you to know this, whoever you are! Today you have made a powerful enemy and you will regret doing so!

Third! Mr., what was his name?

[There’s the sound of rummaging and papers being moved around as the Commander looks for a certain name.]

Mr. Xehanort, was it? If you’re still here, contact me immediately!

[End of public feed]

[Private Audio for Rockets]

My fellow Rockets, I require information. As you already know, I was recently the victim of a horrible crime! But what you may not know is that thissss thief may have interfered with Team Rocket property to commit said crime! Which is completely unacceptable! Anyone who can match the following information with a name or a face will have done a great service for not just myself, but for Team Rocket too! And as sssome of you know, I am very willing to reward people for a job well done! Admittedly this isn’t much to go on, but the thief prefers to use the Gear’s text function, enjoys history, specifically American history, or the history from my world for those of you unfamiliar with the United States, and had to have been near Olivine City last week.

Ssssurely one of you must know sssomething about this person!

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