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80 | Video | Backdated to December 2nd

[Well, here's Cobra Commander again, looking to be in a slightly better mood than he was when he accidentally outed himself as a Rocket. He's really not happy at all since somehow his faceplate disappeared over that weird missing stretch of time, and there was that weird tornado...

Oh well, he'll make due with his hood for now, and be thankful the tornado didn't wreck his plans.]

No doubt by now news of my...blown cover has become widespread. As well as a missing shipment of...ssssomething. For those of you who may have missed it, I'll explain. I was conveniently videotaped discussing a number of important things relating to a missing shipment of something belonging to Team Rocket. Which of course connects mysssself to that group, a connection I've tried my hardest to deny.

But it's one I sssee absolutely no reason to deny any longer. Yessss, I am, or was, a member of Team Rocket, and yesss, a shipment I was in charge of disappeared. It has ssssince been recovered.

[The feed goes black there, but it hasn't ended, Cobra's just turning off the camera for a moment. The audio's not much of note. Just the sound of footsteps and a door opening. When the feed turns back on, it's Cobra. In a basement. Still not much worth seeing.]

Recovered by me. And I won't be returning it. In fact, it was never lost at all! The entire thing, including the video was sssset up by me! Why you ask? Because quite honestly I am tired of serving in an organization that doesn't value my contributions and decided I would be better off going into business for myself on a more permanent basis. And to protect myself from any future reprisals, I took that shipment as an insurance package!

[And now he'll turn the camera to reveal um...well. It appears to be an open crate with several white missiles inside it. All of which are painted with a red R. Yeah. It took a while to get Ditto and Zorua to get them to look just right, but they really do look just like the real thing!]

I won't go into sssspecifics such as payload or guidance systems since I doubt any of that means much to most of you, but I will say that those are exactly what they look like. Prototype rockets for Team Rocket! That belong to me now!

[And he'll just end the feed there. Okay, there might actually be a few minutes of villainous laughter before it actually ends.]

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[...excuse you?

It's at times like this that Kimblee is actually grateful that Archer is the slowest plotter in the history of mankind, because if this sort of thing was coming the entire time and Cobra just got impatient, he does not really want to contemplate where this would have left them.]

Explain yourself. Immediately, Commander.
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[No, Commander, he just thought he would out himself to the entire network as well.

...although really, this explanation is not helping because oh for the love of all that is holy and many, many things that are not - ]

So you actually have a plan for where this is going.
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[Oh no. Those words are never good.] our superiors know about this, or are they also going to be receiving a surprise?
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[Well, yes, he has no doubt they're aware, but that doesn't mean you told them anything. After all, he's aware now, isn't he?

...that said.]

...were those missiles earlier, Commander?
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Well, if anyone hears otherwise, it certainly won't be from me.

We still have to get together and discuss warheads sometime, you know.
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[God, Zulf never did forgive him for that last one, do you know how hard it was to actually make that guy mad ANYWAY, Kimblee seems rather pleased at all that, if more than a bit intrigued, goodness.]

I look forward to seeing it, then.
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My favorite kind of plan from you, really.

I'll see how it plays out, then. Do enjoy yourself.

[...and try not to wreck yourself along the way, that's always a little inconvenient.]
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[If you're really capable of a plan like this, Commander, then Itachi has underestimated you. He'll have to be certain not to do that in the future.

But. Oh no, he's leaving Team Rocket. How tragic.]

Here I had believed villains like you existed only in childrens' stories.
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The part where you prattle on about your plans to everyone instead of simply carrying them out in secret.

[As a ninja, it goes completely against the way he'd handle things.]
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I suppose it's good to know that there are actual weapons here that don't involve pokemon. I was beginning to think that wasn't possible.
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I am still relatively new to this place, I admit.
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You're right. I will make sure to do so in the future, sir.

[He doesn't mind being seen as unknowledgeable in these instances. It's more likely to make people underestimate him.]
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[He should seriously consider starting to grab popcorn every time this guy makes a post to the network, good lord. This is the best worst kind of comedy, or at least that's what Crow sees it as.]

... So, lemme guess how it went. You fucked up and lost some shit, they kicked you out, and now you're making up all of this to not look like a complete idiot.

Did I get it right?

[He's 100% sure he did, so good luck convincing him otherwise.]
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[He knows you so well.]


[Making sure the sarcasm is audible there. If it was anyone else, he could reconsider this, but with Cobra? Yeah, no, he's no buying it.]

Sounds like some dead weight off their shoulders, though!

[The first and quite possibly last time Crow (thinks he) understands Team Rocket's actions, right here.]
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[... Did he seriously just witness Cobra having an unappreciated genius moment of sorts.]

That's what we call "screwing up", y'know.

[Crow would actually feel bad for him if this whole "initiative" wasn't about blowing things up and such.]

... Can't really argue with that last part.

[Now drop all of this "taking over the world" bullshit and they can actually be friends.]
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Uh huh.

[Crow just tilts his head with a condescending smile.]

I'm ssssure they'll regret it.

[Oh god, it's contagious.]
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[Yeah yeah he won't even bother asking.]

Y'know, I find it hard to believe a loser like you would be given freaking missiles to take care of. Or that they have something like that in the first place. Do they even have weapons here?

[He's pretty skeptical about that. Who needs missiles when you can have dogs that breathe fire and rats that shoot lightning?]
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[Well, he runs a delivery service himself, so he can figure that much out, even if he hasn't heard of that specific name before.]

... That's even less likely. Who the hell sends goddamn missiles in a package?!

[Not even Team Rocket can be dumb enough to do THAT, jfc.]
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That's still-- 'kay, y'know what, never mind.

[At this point he's kinda realized there's little point about arguing how little sense that makes.]

... So what are you planning to do with those? The missiles, I mean.