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[Today we have Cobra Commander on the Gear, looking well, about the same as always. It's hard to figure out where he is, but judging from the bgm and the metal walls, a ship is probably a good guess? But which ferry? Or cruiseliner? That's the question.]

I've decided that after my unfortunate...outburssst last month, that a change of sssscenery was overdue.

[That's not really an apology for screaming at everyone in private and public, but it's certainly something at least?]

And it has done wonders for providing me with a new outlook on life.

[Though...what that means isn't exactly a conversation for today.]

However, everything I sssssaid last time still applies. Everything.

[In other words, he's still furious.]

And ssssome of it will apply ssssooner than you think.

[Having been as cryptic as possible, he kills the feed there. He'll answer any responses of course, but as to what he's talking about, he'll keep that under his hood for now.]

{OOC: Curious as to what this is about? Head over here for more info!}
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[Guess who shows up, laid back, wearing a shit-eating grin.]

You going to try dropping more little pissant magnets on the place? Go ahead. You set them up, I'll knock them down.
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[Blake's head tilts, and his lips purse.] You know what? You're right. That was a big achievement.

[His mouth curves, and there's a smug glint in his eye.] You must've set a record for falling on your ass.

That was me, all right. [Technically, it was his horse.] You should be embarrassed about how easy you went down.
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[Blake leans back, arms spread comfortably on the back of the couch he's sitting on.]

I'm shaking in my boots.

I've been threatened by the kinds of guys who could rip your welding mask in half with their bare hands. You're an amateur.
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Tell me something. I really want to know.

Out of all these schemes you've cooked up, has any one of them ever worked?
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[Blake's eyes go down. There's a sound of a scratching pen.] Uh huh...uh huh...

[He tears off a piece of paper and puts it in his pocket.] Thanks for the list. I'll add that to the charges when I haul your sorry ass in front of a judge.

[He's trying to sound nonchalant, but the idea of this asshole getting away with all that gets under his skin and puts real anger in the set of his jaw.]
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[A dangerous glint enters Blake's eye.]

You're gonna wish it was just those pansy locals you were answering to.
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You'll see.

aufsassig: preferably parcheesi but i will settle for go fish (PREDATORY ★ i want to play a game)

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Well, that sounds ominous.

Sorry about the text thing, boss, but hey, I've got people in my vicinity and I'd hate for them to get any sneak previews of what you're up to before it's showtime.
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Nothing but ultimate secrecy this go-around, huh? Sure, I can respect that.

Good to see you're back in the saddle after that little hiccup with the law, is all I'm saying. It's inspiring.
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Well, I for one am on the edge of my seat.

Anyway, I just figured I'd check in, see how freedom was treating you lately, all that good shit. I take it you added some new names to the hit list after this last thing?
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Oh, yeah? What's the story on that poor fucker?
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[...Huh. Well, the specifics are vague as hell, obviously, but there's definitely a signal being dropped here and it's not hard to pick up what's been put down, so he does.]

Right, right. I should've figured it'd be a need-to-know basis.

But hey. You know how to find me if I ever need to know.

[And that implication should be just as easily delivered, he assumes.]
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Right-o. Have a good trip.
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[aaawww man guess who's cheesed]

Hey! You weren't at the address you gave out on the network when I showed up there! What's the big idea, huh?
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Ugh, you've got no honor at all, don't you? Not even that weird villainous kind of honor that evil people have even if they're terrible outside of that!

You're really just the worst!
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...I just... you know... wanted to make sure you knew!

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Well... I'm glad we're on the same page!

But you won't fool me next time!
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Well, I'll catch wise to your schemes sooner or later! Heroes never give up!
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Even if it's impossible to defeat you, I'm gonna make it possible! Even if I have to use time travel!

You don't look as tough as some kinda evil dragon god, though, so I bet I won't have to!
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Well, nobody could back home until we totally did! It can't be that hard!