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99 | Video | Dated to the 27th!

[Yep, it's Cobra again. But wait, don't touch that dial because today is actually the day he does stuff! Which might become obvious because when the video starts he seems to the air, standing on some sort of metal thing. So yep, stuff's happening today.

Now, in theory, he should probably be preoccupied with the Rocket text that went out a couple days ago, but he's not postponing his plans just because the admins decided they want them all to do things. He's Cobra Commander, and he does things on his schedule, not anyone else's.

Unless of course they force him to stick to their schedule, but that's not the point today!]

I thought that this time...thissss time, you all might have actually understood what I was up to and had the ssssense to meet my demands. Obvioussssly, I was wrong.

[Wow, Cobra actually admitted he was wrong.]

So sssince no one seems to understand what a game changer my device is, allow me to provide the final demonstration of Project M.E.T.A.L.'s power!

[Cobra steps towards the edge of the platform and...that sure is the Cherrygrove Spa down there. Yup.]

Lock On!

[There's no visible effect or anything, but the Magnezones under the platform have locked on to their target.]


[And suddenly six Zap Cannons rain down, all hitting the target and pretty much wrecking that poor spa. Nobody's getting any treatments there any time soon, that's for sure.]

I trust that you now underssstand the power I possess!

[He'll just back away from the edge now.]

But it's an underssstanding that has come far too late! Because you've failed to meet my demands, the ressst of Cherrygrove City can expect the sssame fate!

[From somewhere behind Cobra, there's a weird detaching noise followed by the sound of something falling and then um...impacting the ruins of the spa.]


[He'll just disconnect the feed there. No sense in showing the whole world what went wrong and ruining any villain cred he's just gained.]

{OOC: The log for the people wrecking the machine is here! Have fun guys!

And responses to this might be slow over the next couple of days due to my laptop needing repairs, but I'll try be around as much as I can!

And yes, the damage to the spa was approved by Alex and Sunny!}
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[Naturally, Dist is pretty pleased of himself and Kato for their work finally being put into action. Even if he was still a bit bitter about not being able to make any suggestions that may have helped, it was entertaining enough to work on. Plus, seeing those Zap Cannons take out the spa really adds to the experience.

However, it's when things start going wrong that he has a mild internal freakout. What was that noise? Something better not have happened to his glorious creation!]

Commander, is everything all right? What just happened?!

[Maybe a progress check is a good idea...]
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He narrows his eyes suspiciously.]

What are you talking about? Nothing on that machine is defective- I personally tested everything.

[Yes, he even put his own Magnezones/Magnemites on the bottom to make sure the Zap Cannon part works.]
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[Thanks for that, Commander.

Dist's expression falls into confused shock.]

Wh--?! What do you mean a part fell off?! Everything was tightly secured!!
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That's- That's preposterous.

[Okay, he's actually getting a little mad now. He put a lot of work into this project, so it's bad enough that something has gone wrong with it. What's worse is he's being blamed for it. Well, he's not standing for that.]

Don't you dare question me when I say it was secure! Something must have happened to it in transit. I have no control over that part of the process!
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I don't mean something was loosened by some miniscule bump in the road. There is absolutely no way it wasn't secured well enough to withstand such things.

[...He really doesn't like where his thought process is heading.]

Is there a possibility you could have been found out? Did you hide it properly?
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[Wait, what.]

Security? I assure you I did not assign any security. I stressed that it was to be delivered in your presence so you could camouflage it as you saw fit- you would be the one staying in the area after all.
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There was another Rocket there? Did you get their name?
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Commander? Commander-! Damn it!

[Oh, well that's just great. All Dist can do is grit his teeth and ponder over what the hell just happened here. Someone sabotaged his and Kato's beautiful creation that could have totally been better if they had creative freedom? That's just unforgivable.

And judging from the looks and sounds of things, Cobra's under heavy attack. Hopefully he can hold up his attack 'cause uh...well, maybe he'll really be wishing for that escape hatch instead of a parachute if someone's shooting fireballs at him.

His loss if he gets screwed over.

But really, this act of sabotage needs to be looked into, especially if it was another Rocket who did it. Hmmm...]
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[Clover has been here for three days. She doesn't know what's going on. She's tired and cold and has not been in Cherrygrove for a full hour yet and things are exploding.

She didn't ask for this, all right.

Her video response snaps on somewhere in the middle of this wanton destruction, focusing on the doomsday device in the sky and all the zap-cannoning going on from down below and on the other side of the city, thank you very much; she's trying to record it, but foreign technology is even harder to operate when parts of the city you just got to are exploding, so she's ended up streaming instead.

—the hell is that?! [She's trying to zoom in on the Magnezone in particular because all she can discern is a bunch of vague UFO shapes and what the hell is this place she's ended up in where they're under siege by aliens or something, but again, technology is hard; the result instead is the beeping of failed button pressing and growling noises of frustration.]