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No! No! No! No! No!

[...that sure is Cobra Commander throwing a fit in what appears to be Azalea Town. Apparently he's not happy everything's back to normal now.]

I don't care if thissss happens all the time, this is unacceptable! Completely unacceptable! I want my command center back and I want it back now! I dissstinctly remember having one!

[ He remembers a building and pushing buttons. Something may have been launched. That's about it. He doesn't even remember where it was, which leads to his next demand.]

And directions to where it is! Because it certainly wasn't in thissss miserable place!

[Yup, for the record, he still hates Azalea Town. In fact...]

If anything, ssssomeone should raze thisss stupid town to the ground and replace it with something useful!

[He's not going to do that today though. No, instead he's probably going to fly out of here right away and go somewhere that doesn't inspire him to cause new acts of stupidity.]
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You had a command center?

[WHOOPS well it looks like that definitively answers whether or not she'd actually stolen one from...somewhere like she vaguely remembers doing.]
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Have you considered filing a missing persons report?
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A report of a theft, then.

If something of yours has gone missing, you have that right, don't you?
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The justice system is supposed to be for everyone.

Regardless, I'm sorry you lost your building. As things go, that's a particularly unfortunate one to misplace.
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I'd offer to send you a fruit basket in condolence but I don't think that would go a very long way toward consoling you.
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Well, if I see it around I'll be sure to let you know.
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I wouldn't be opposed to that, but I'd like them to let me finish getting my badge before they go along with it.

[He definitely heard Cobra's ranting from somewhere nearby, but he really can't be bothered to track the guy down when he was so courteous to upload his rant to the network too.]

I take it you have a grudge with this backwater town?
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[Well that is an option...but he already has a badge from Johto. He can't just start something and not finish it!

Even if it means enduring this town.

But oh man, this could be good.]

Now I get that it's very easy to develop a strong dislike for this town just for it being...itself. Honestly, the least they could do is offer better alcohol so we can attempt to curb the distaste, but it turns out the alcohol only adds to the distaste.

But you're speaking like it kicked your puppy.
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[With a look of mild horror on his face, Rideaux decides this might be a good time to lock this conversation down. This is going to be a Rocket discussion, after all.]

You were stationed here? What rule in the book did you break to deserve such a punishment?
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You have my deepest condolences, Commander.

[...He's not serious at all, of course. It's said more in a manner of, "haha, sucks to be you." It's not his problem that he came here when he did! But he definitely values it now, that's for sure.]

When exactly did the way things are run change? Was there a shift in management or did the higher-ups simply get lazy and couldn't be bothered to hand out actual assignments?
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That does make sense, actually.

[It's a perfectly valid guess!]

It also gives us an opportunity to show our creativity by creating our own assignments, which I can tell you seem to have no problem with.

[Yes, he certainly did see Cobra show that wall who's boss not too long ago.]

I've been mulling over a few of my own as I continue my thefts on the side.
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They're more on the subtle side than some of our members' demonstrations, but I have a feeling they will be very beneficial to the organization.

[And that's all he's gonna say on that! Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise!]

But my first order of business is getting the badge and getting out of this cesspit as soon as humanly possible. There's no chance of me enacting my plans here.