cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (SHOULD BE BEHEADED FOR SSSSTUPIDITY)
Cobra Commander ([personal profile] cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) wrote2015-02-13 10:28 am

100 | Video

[After an incredibly long absence, for Cobra anyway, Cobra Commander's made his return to the Pokegear. And he's in one of those weird nondescript rooms the Goldenrod Rocket base is apparently full of.

And there'd be some nostalgia over the fact that he hasn't broadcasted from here in quite some time, but he's too busy being mad.]

I sssspent months of planning, months of making sure everything was perfect! Only to fall victim to not just the handiwork of a couple of do-gooders, but of a ssssaboteur! But make no misstake, I am in no means deterred from continuing to do whatever I can to try and make thissss world mine! No prison, no act of ssssabotage, no ssself appointed heroes, nothing will ssstop me! Nothing!

[He's basically angrily shaking his fists at the camera. Wow.]

In fact, I will not ssstop until the world is mine, or the day I depart from thissss world! So if I were all of you, I would hope the latter happens sssssoon enough!

[And that's the end of his public tirade. Now if you're a Rocket, there'll be a message for you guys as well.]

[Private Rocket Video]

And as for the rest of you.

[...surprise? He's not really happy with you all either. Then again if one thing is clear in this video, he's not happy with anyone.]

The last time I had the misssfortune of being incarcerated, within days, one of you took it upon yourself to correct that hideous missstake. Thisss time...thisss time I waited weeks! Weeks before having to call out for assistance! Not one of you took it upon yoursssselves to figure out what happened to a sssuperior officer, especially someone like myself!

[At this point, he's slamming his first into the desk on..basically exclamation point. It's been a while since he's been this worked up.]

And believe me, I have been informed of your...recent endeavors. However, that is no excuse! I will not forget thisssss...thisss injustice! If any of you ever expect me to aid you in your hour of need, then forget it! You're on your own!

[...okay, he's done yelling. For now. And like most of his tantrums, the majority of this will probably blow over once he finds something different to shriek at.

Also maybe ranting at Team Rocket while inside a Team Rocket base isn't the world's brightest idea,'s Cobra.]

And as to our little sssaboteur, rest assured that you will pay for what you have done. I promise you that.

[Once he figures out how to resolve the issue of how to appropriately retaliate towards a Rocket for interfering with his nonRocket businesss. Which could probably take a while.]

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